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    Creative Culture Standards


    Objective aesthetic harmony and sublime quality


    Optimization of systems to avoid wastage

    Passive Design

    Strategically working with naturally occurring energy flows to reduce the need for energy inputs

    Economic Accessibility

    At a cost that is in proportion to resources used and value provided, and within the means of those that need it


    Providing unbiased equivalent opportunity for all participants

  1. The Spirit Level

  2. Organizations
  3. The Equality Trust

    Evidence Based

    Verifiably accurate and effective

    Fair Trade

    Trade ethics and regulations that guard against exploitative or unfair trade

  1. World Community Fair Trade


    Without external control, bondage, or unnatural constraints


    With integrity, balance, right proportion, and in accord with context


    Understanding of the interconnectedness and interdependence of things and consideration for the whole

    Rights & Freedoms

    Respecting the fundamental rights and freedoms of humans and all living beings

  1. UN Rights of Nature Law and Policy directory

  2. Standards
  3. The Bolivian Declaration of Mother Earth's Rights
  4. Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    Life Honouring

    Care, respect, and compassion for all living beings

  1. The Earth Ship Constitutional Principles


    Not containing or producing harmful pollutants


    Free from synthetic, toxic, or artificial materials

  1. The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals

    Human Rights

    Fundamental rights and freedoms of all human beings

    Animal Rights

    Fair respectful and 'humane' treatment of animals

  1. World Animal Protection
  2. World Animal Protection International


    Fulfilling local needs with resources within a community or bioregion

  1. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life


    Peaceful, non-aggressive, and non-harmful means

  1. Nonviolent Public Licenses


    Sharing resources freely

  1. LibreOffice Foundation

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  12. Standard Notes
  13. Mnemosyne
  14. MediaWiki

    Principles & Ethics

    The core principles of creative culture and what makes them work

  1. Center for Earth Ethics

  2. Organizations
  3. Charter for Compassion

  4. Standards
  5. The Earth Charter
  6. PoWR Global Ethic
  7. Encyclical Laudato si’ on Care for our Common Home


    Optimizing resilience by including diverse elements in a system

  1. Elk Root Conservation Farm Society

  2. Videos
  3. Build A Bat House

  4. Websites
  5. Discover Life


    Adaptable to change and resistant to disruption

  1. Salt Spring Center of Yoga


    Lessening the environmental impacts of food storage and transport by choosing seasonal food


    Able to continue indefinitely without causing imbalance or disharmony

  1. The Commoner’s Catalog for Changemaking: Tools for the Transitions Ahead
  2. Radical Simplicity: Small Footprints on a Finite Earth

  3. Periodicals
  4. The International Journal of the Commons

  5. Websites
  6. UN Sustainable Development Goals


    Beneficially fulfilling a genuine and relevant need


    Efficient usage, reuse, recycling or ecological re-integration of materials

  1. Olio

  2. Companys
  3. Elevate Packaging
  4. Tekpak Solutions
  5. Rootree Packaging

  6. Knowledge Holders
  7. Zero Waste Living — Bea Johnson

  8. Organizations
  9. ZWIA
  10. Perishable Food Recovery Program - BC Food Banks

  11. Standards
  12. Zero Waste Manifesto

  13. Stores
  14. Share Nelson


    Long-lasting and robust usefulness

    Repairable Design

    Designing things to be fixed, rather then discarded, when they break


    Avoiding unnecessary complexity

    Modular Design

    Designing things so the parts can be worked on separately and reconfigured to work in various ways


    Avoiding excessive or unnecessary use of resources

    Art & Culture

    Creative artistic endeavour and practices of cultural evolution and well being

  1. Art Wolfe, Nature and Cultural Photographer

  2. Farms
  3. Wild Bee Florals

  4. Knowledge Holders
  5. Gary Snyder

  6. Organizations
  7. Creative Commons
  8. LibriVox
  9. The Guthrie Center
  10. Be The Change Charities

  11. Websites
  12. Standard Ebooks


    Making and listening to music and song are a traditional element in daily life of a balanced culture

  1. Francesca Baines
  2. Luke Wallace

  3. Books
  4. Rise Up Singing

  5. Companys
  6. Wallace Violins

  7. Events
  8. The Fes Festival of World Sacred Music
  9. The Victoria Folk Music Society

  10. Groups
  11. Awakeneers

  12. Organizations
  13. Climate Music Project
  14. The Solaris Project
  15. Musicians without Borders
  16. Do it for the Love Foundation
  17. Music Heals
  18. Abraham Jam
  19. Cortes Radio | CKTZ 89.5 fm

  20. Websites
  22. IMSLP Petrucci Music Library

    Visual Arts

    Visual art is a fundamental component of society and the human experience, illuminating and increasing the understanding of history, culture, personal lives and the experience of others.

  1. Robert Bateman

  2. Companys
  3. Island Light Photography

    Dance and Movement

    Watching dance or movement can be enlightening and entertaining. Doing dance or movement can have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits.

  1. Dances of Universal Peace

    Play and Recreation

    The cognitive, physical, emotional and social developments that are benefited by children's play has been well studied and documented. However, many studies show that play provides benefits for adults, including stress relief, improving brain function, stimulating creativity and improving relationships.

  1. Play Is More than Just Fun


    The collection, writing, editing, and presentation of news

    Knowledge Holders
  1. Chris Hedges
  2. Robert Fisk
  3. Terry Tempest Williams
  4. Dahr Jamail

  5. Periodicals
  6. Das Geotheanum

    History Keeping

    Archiving and passing on the history and wisdom of a people to future generations

  1. Recordkeeping and History

  2. Knowledge Holders
  3. John "Eesawu" Kimmey

  4. Organizations
  5. Oral History Association
  6. Internet Archive
  7. Cortes Museum & Archives Society


    The written word used to edify and refine human existence

  1. New Society Publishers

  2. Organizations
  3. Orion Magazine

  4. Stores
  5. Marnie’s Books


    Optimized local interdependence

    Eco Villages
  1. Earthen Heart
  2. Sirius Community
  3. Cite Ecologique of New Hampshire
  4. Clearwater Commons
  5. Belfast Cohousing and Ecovillage
  6. Port Townsend EcoVillage
  7. Catfarm
  8. Earth Mountain Edcuation Farm
  9. Enota
  10. Canticle Farm
  11. Southwest Sufi Community
  12. WildCraft Ecovillage
  13. Quaker Intentional Village - Canaan
  14. Therah Village
  15. The Farm
  16. Los Angeles Eco-Village
  17. Stone
  18. Pacific Gardens Cohousing Community
  19. Greensong Sanctuary
  20. EcoReality Coop
  21. Dry Gulch Ecovillage
  22. Stowe Farm Community
  23. Cleveland EcoVillage

  24. Farms
  25. Camphill Association

  26. Ideas
  27. Dunbar's number - 150

  28. Organizations
  29. One Community
  30. Atlan Center
  31. Aldinga Arts Ecovillage
  32. Sacred Garden Sanctuary
  33. Pickards Mountain Eco-Institute
  34. Alderleaf Farm and Wilderness College
  35. Foundation for Intentional Community
  36. LECASE
  37. Glen Valley Organic Farm
  38. IDEAL Society
  39. PLACE - People Linking Art Community & Ecology
  40. Coastal Roots Farm
  41. Hickory Nut Forest Eco-Community
  42. Heathcote Community
  43. The City Repair Project
  44. L’Arche Comox Valley
  45. upland hills learning community
  46. Abundance Ecovillage
  47. VerdEnergia Pacifica
  48. Aurora Dwelling Circle
  49. Windsong

  50. Websites
  51. RegeneraVida

    Decision Making & Governance

    Systems of just and sustainable decision making, leadership, responsibility, and regulation

    Knowledge Holders
  1. Pam Cooley

  2. Organizations
  3. The Co-Intelligence Institute

  4. Websites
  5. The Wise Democracy Pattern Language

    Land Rights and Responsibilities

    Laws of land usage, ownership and stewardship

  1. Community Land Trusts

  2. Organizations
  3. Agrarian Trust

    Dispute Resolution

    Ways to equitably resolve disagreements and effectively avoid fighting

    Law Enforcement

    Leadership and lawmaking that benefit all members of society, enforced justly and equitably

    Emergency Services

    Procedures and methods for effective and efficient response


    Decision making by unanimous agreement

    Direct Democracy

    Democratic governance systems in which decisions are made by direct vote, instead of through a representative

  1. Sovereign App by
  2. Ethelo
  3. Loomio


    Facilitating peaceful intercultural communication and relations


    Systems of title, authority, responsibility, control and obligation


    A governance method that aims to make practical and effective use of collaboration, self-organization, and distributed authority

  1. What Is Sociocracy and Why Does Democracy Need it?

  2. Books
  3. Many Voices, One Song

  4. Organizations
  5. Sociocracy for All

  6. Websites
  7. Sociocracy: A Deeper Democracy
  8. Sociocracy 3.0

    Collective Intelligence

    Principles and patterns for making wise collective decisions

  1. The Wisdom of Crowds

  2. Organizations
  3. Democracy Earth Foundation

  4. Products
  5. Polis
  6. Loomio - Make decisions without meetings

  7. Websites
  8. Collective Intelligence Network

    Economics & Exchange

    Equitable systems of exchange, valuation, barter and trade

  1. The Psychology of Inequality

  2. Books
  3. Enough Is Enough by Rob Dietz and Dan O’Neill
  4. Surviving the Future: Culture, Carnival and Capital in the Aftermath of the Market Economy by David Fleming

  5. Companys
  6. Marketing for Hippies

  7. Directorys
  8. Ethical Consumer

  9. Events
  10. R- Future Regenerative Entrepreneurship Conference
  11. The Festival of What Works

  12. Organizations
  13. Community Exchange Systems
  14. One percent for the Planet
  15. Grameen Bank
  16. New Economics Foundation
  17. New Economy Coalition
  18. Local Futures Foundation
  19. The Democracy Collaborative
  20. The Local Good - Edmonton
  21. World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms | WWOOF
  22. Doughnut Economics Action Lab
  23. Schumacher Center for New Economics
  24. Life Out of the Box
  25. Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy

  26. Websites
  27. Happyonomy


    Direct exchange of goods without the use of money


    System of exchange that uses time as a currency


    Systems of exchange that are independent from unsustainable debt economics

  1. SEEDS Digital Currency

  2. Articles
  3. Schumacher Local Currencies Program

  4. Companys
  5. Open Credit Network

  6. Organizations
  7. DYNDY
  8. Community Forge
  9. BerkShares

    Local Markets

    Farmer’s markets, craft markets, and other gatherings where local goods are exchanged

  1. BC Farmers’ Market Trail
  2. BCAFM Farmers' Markets Tools & Resources Database

  3. Markets
  4. UBC Farm Saturday Farmers’ Market

    Business & Entrepreneurship

    Creative resources for entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, and social impact initiatives

  1. Groundswell
  2. B Corp Certification

    Education & Learning

    Optimizing individual and collective human potential through right education and learning

  1. British Columbia Distance Learning Programs

  2. Books
  3. Weapons of Mass Instruction
  4. A Place to Grow; The Culture of Sudbury Valley School by Daniel Greenberg
  5. The Meaning of Education by Daniel Greenberg
  6. Summerhill by A.S. Neill
  7. Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriuclum of Compulsory Schooling
  8. The Underground History of American Education
  9. How Children Learn by John Holt
  10. Teach Your Own: The John Holt Book of Homeschooling

  11. Eco Villages
  12. O.U.R. Ecovillage

  13. Events
  14. Climate Hope Gathering
  15. Apocalypse or Awakening: Living the Climate Emergency

  16. Films
  17. The Life of Birds
  18. Planet Earth

  19. Groups
  20. Comox Valley Home Learners Network
  21. North Island Home Learners
  22. Pender Island Home Learners
  23. Homeschool Canada
  24. Nanaimo Community Home Learners (NCHL)
  25. Homelearners South of the Fraser
  26. Campbell River Homeschoolers
  27. Cornerstone Homeschoolers
  28. Cowichan Valley Home Learning Community
  29. Ladysmith and Chemainus Homeschoolers
  30. Our Mother of Good Counsel Catholic Homeshoolers
  31. Highschool Homelearning Victoria
  32. VicHomeLearn
  33. Victoria Christian Home Schoolers (VCHS)
  34. Victoria Home Learner’s Network
  35. LIFE--Learning in Faith Everyday
  36. Heartwood Home Learners Cooperative
  37. Port Alberni Homeschoolers
  38. Quadra Home Learners
  39. Salt Spring Island Home Learners
  40. Sooke Home Learners
  42. Oceanside Christian Home Learners
  43. Oceanside Homeschoolers Vancouver Island

  44. Organizations
  45. Wikimedia Foundation
  46. BC Home Educators Association
  47. Folk University
  48. Waldorf Education
  49. The Golden Rule Project
  50. British Columbia Education and Training
  51. Temenos Academy
  52. The Global Education Project
  53. Project Gutenberg
  54. IslandWood
  55. Tilth Alliance
  56. North Cascades Institute
  57. Gaia University
  58. TED: Ideas worth spreading
  59. SelfDesign
  60. Victoria Home Learners Network Association
  61. The Center for Education and Research in Consciousness
  62. The Whidbey Institute
  63. The Farm Ecovillage Training Center
  64. International Association for the Study of Commons
  65. EcoVersity

  66. Tools
  67. Anki

  68. Websites
  69. Growing Without Schooling
  70. Khan Academy
  71. Algebra Rules
  72. Duolingo
  73. Wikipedia
  74. Wiktionary, the free dictionary
  75. Climate Hope Resource Guide


    Stewardship and understanding of natural ecosystems

  1. Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World
  2. Thus Spoke the Plant
  3. Gift Ecology: Reimagining A Sustainable World

  4. Companys
  5. John Todd Ecological Design

  6. Events
  7. Global Earth Repair Conference

  8. Films
  9. David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet
  10. Kiss the Ground

  11. Knowledge Holders
  12. Tony Juniper
  13. Skelly, Ian

  14. Organizations
  15. Bioneers
  16. Cortes Children's Forest Trust
  17. Tree Sisters Reforestation
  18. Greenways Land Trust
  19. The Berry Center
  20. The Rainforest Foundation
  21. Costa Rica Limpia
  22. Occidental Arts and Ecology Center
  23. David Suzuki Foundation
  24. Silva Forest Foundation
  25. Worldwatch Institute
  26. Global Ecovillage Network
  27. Friends of Cortes Island
  28. Stream to Sea: K-12 Education
  29. Ecosystem Restoration Camps

  30. Periodicals
  31. The Watershed Sentinel

  32. Websites
  33. Earth: A Graphic Look at the State of the World
  34. Solar Cities
  35. Mycology Logos

    Scientific Research

    Ethical and holistic approaches to broadening human knowledge and understanding of the cosmos

  1. Biology 2e, OpenStax

  2. Organizations
  3. Living Machines
  4. Earth Microbiome Project

  5. Websites
  6. E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation

    Home Learning

    Keys and methods to an optimal home education

  1. Have Fun. Learn Stuff. Grow.

  2. Organizations
  3. Fraser Valley Free Learners

    Wildfire Management

    Managing and preventing wildfires for ecosystem health


    Ethically sustainable sources of energy for human use

  1. Hakai Energy Solutions

  2. Organizations
  4. Climate Smart
  5. The Post Carbon Institute

  7. Websites
  8. Biogascentral

    Geothermal Energy

    Using the heat from the Earth for energy

  1. How To Build A Geothermal Greenhouse: DIY Geothermal Heating

    Solar Energy

    Using sunlight for generating energy

  1. Viridian energy co-operative
  2. Viridian Energy
  3. Modern Outpost

  4. Organizations
  5. The Solar Commons Project

    Wind Energy

    Responsibly harvesting power from wind

  1. Wind Turbines: Pros and Cons

  2. Websites
  3. 17 Brilliant DIY Wind Turbine Design Ideas For Living Off The Grid

    Energy Storage

    Sustainable methods of storing energy over time

    Family & Kinship

    Creative approaches to optimizing multi- generational family and kinship

  1. Home and Family
  2. The Seventeen Traditions


    Best practices for the terminus of a human lifetime

  1. Five Principles of Green Burial

  2. Companys
  3. Recompose
  4. Bliss, Cremation and Green Burial Services

  5. Organizations
  6. DeathCaring Collective
  7. Green Burial Canada


    Best practices for the process of introducing a human being to the world outside the womb.

    Courtship and Pairing

    Finding and assessing an optimal match for partnership and parenting.

  1. How We Choose a Partner
  2. Psychology Finally Reveals the Answer to Finding Your Soulmate
  3. How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

  4. Books
  5. 25 Ways to Prepare for Marriage other than Dating
  6. The Science of Happily Ever After: What Really Matters in the Quest for Enduring Love

  7. Films
  8. Hannah Fry: The mathematics of love | TED Talk

    Elder Care

    Caring for the needs of those who are no longer entirely able to do so for themselves


    Holistically and ethically fulfilling the responsibility of raising children

  1. 10 Parenting Strategies For Raising Nonviolent Children

  2. Websites
  3. The Green Mama


    Sustainable methods of cultivating, collecting, storing, and preparing food

  1. Organic Standards Candian Regulations
  2. Organic Certification & Production Q&A
  3. Organic equivalency arrangements
  4. Keys to the Canadian Organic Standards and Regulations.
  5. Wines of Canada: Listing of Organic Wineries

  6. Books
  7. The Contrary Farmer

  8. Community Gardens
  9. SPUD

  10. Companys
  11. Blossoms Raw Chocolate
  12. Cortes Natural Food Co-op
  13. Guayaki
  14. Bellingham Community Food Co-op
  15. Skagit Food Co-op
  16. Roots Natural Foods
  17. Aphrodite's Organic Cafe and Pie Shop
  18. The Gathering Place Trading Company
  19. Healthyway Natural Foods
  20. Edible Island
  21. The Green Mustache Organic Café
  22. Fromagerie l'Ancêtre
  23. Pro Organics
  24. Camino
  25. East Is East
  26. Eternal Abundance
  27. True Grain
  28. Anita's Organic Grain mill
  29. Manna Organics
  30. Holy Crap Cereal
  31. Ostroorganics
  32. organicfair
  33. Paradise Island Foods, Ltd
  34. Pomme Natural Market
  35. West Wood Organics
  36. Eat More Sprouts
  37. Misfits Market
  38. Adaptive Seeds
  39. Silver Creek Nursery
  40. Fieldstone Organics
  41. True Grain Organic Craft Bakery
  43. Food Forest Abundance

  45. Farms
  46. Sunny Brae Farm
  47. Forstbauer Farm
  48. Blue Jay Lake Organic Farm & Community
  49. Summerhill Pyramid Winery
  50. Glenora Farm
  51. Westholme Tea Company
  52. Alderlea Farm Café
  53. Helmer's Organic Farm
  54. Farmer Bill's Grass Fed Beef
  55. The Lee Farm
  56. Eden Tree Farm
  57. Tree Eater Nursery
  58. Spray Creek Ranch
  59. West Enderby Farm
  60. Islands Organic Producers Association/member list
  61. Lost Savanna Farm
  62. Hoch Orchard & Gardens
  63. AJ Curtis Biodynamic Orchards
  64. JMJ Biodynamic Orchard
  65. Formosa Nursery
  66. Across The Creek Organics
  67. Amara Farm
  68. Honest Food Farm
  69. Plenty Wild Farms
  70. ALM Organic Farm
  71. 8 and A Half Acres Farm
  72. Amara Farms
  73. Eco-Sensense
  74. Pattison Farms
  75. Therah Farm
  76. Tatlo Road Farm
  77. Tendergreens Farm
  78. Terra Nossa
  79. SunTrio Farm
  80. Sweet Acres Farm
  81. Sweet P Farm
  82. Salt Spring Apple Company
  83. Sea Bluff Farm
  84. Square Root Farm
  85. Linnaea Farm Society
  86. Wildflower Produce
  87. Big Fir Farm
  88. Beaver Meadows Farm/Natural Pastures
  89. Code's Corner Farm
  90. Shawl Farm
  91. Tanner Orchard
  92. Corlan Vineyard and Farm
  93. Horizon Heritage Farm
  94. Salt and Harrow
  95. Foxglove Farm
  96. Kloverdalen Farm
  97. Carriac Farm
  98. Nanoose Edibles Organic Farm
  99. Salt Spring Sprouts & Mushrooms
  100. Hope Hill Farm
  101. Four Beat Farm
  103. Sunshine Farm
  104. Transfarmation
  105. Northstar Organics
  106. StoneCroft Farm
  107. Pure pasture farms
  108. Avalon Farm
  109. Blue Harvest Farm
  110. Blue Heron Farm
  111. Windhorse Farm
  112. Wind Whipped Farm
  113. Whitaker Farm
  114. Whisperhill Farm
  115. West Coast Garlic
  116. Wave Hill Farm
  117. Umi Nami Farm
  118. Valhalla
  119. Vitality
  120. Three Oaks Organic Farm
  121. Tourmaline Organics

  122. Groups
  123. BDASBCBio-Dynamic Agricultural Society of British Columbia
  124. Organic BC Directory

  125. Knowledge Holders
  126. Joe Jenkins
  127. David Holmgren
  128. Wendell Berry
  129. Albert Bates
  130. Carolyn Herriot
  131. Michael "Skeeter" Pilarski

  132. Markets
  133. Manson's Landing Farmer’s Market
  134. James Bay Farmers Market
  135. Spirit Square Farmers market

  136. Organizations
  137. LUSH Valley Food Action Society
  138. US Department of Agriculture Organic Regulations
  139. Fungi Perfecti
  140. Peace Seeds
  141. Polyface Farms
  142. The Land Institute
  143. Capital Region Food and Agriculture Initiatives Roundtable
  144. Young Agrarians
  145. Welland Legacy Park & Community Orchard
  146. The Non-GMO Project
  147. Sole Food Street Farms
  148. LocalHarvest
  149. Cornucopia Institute
  150. Alberni Valley Gleaning Project
  151. hOMegrown Living Foods
  152. Islands Organic Producers Association
  153. Merville Organics Growers Cooperative
  154. COABC-Certified Organic Associations of BC
  155. Salt Spring Abattoir Society
  156. Demeter USA
  157. Cowichan Green Community
  158. Sustainable Food Edmonton
  159. Kickstart international

  160. Standards
  161. Canadian Organic Standards

  162. Stores
  163. Peoples Food Coop
  164. Kootenay Co-op
  165. Ypsilanti Food Co-op
  166. Port Orford Community Co-op
  167. Minnesota Street Market
  168. Renaissance Community Co-op
  169. Gregg L. Friedman MD Organic Coop
  170. Salem Food Cooperative
  171. Green Tree Grocery
  172. Utah Co-op
  173. Ideal Green Market Cooperative
  174. Bread and Roses Food Cooperative
  175. City Foods Co-op
  176. Natural Living Organic Food Co-op
  177. People's Grocery Co-Op
  178. Valley Food Co-op
  179. Main Market Co-Op
  180. Citizens Co-op
  181. The Dill Pickle Co-op
  182. Rochester Good Food Co-op
  183. SLO Natural Foods Coop
  184. Lost River Market & Deli
  185. Harvest Co-op Markets
  186. Moonflower Community Cooperative
  187. Rochester People's Food Co-op
  188. Rainbow Grocery Co-op
  189. Arroyo Food Coop
  190. Portland Food Co-op
  191. Valley Co-op of Washington County
  192. Granary Food Co-op
  193. Sunset West Food Co-op
  194. GrassRoots Cooperative and Cafe
  195. Creekside Coop
  196. Pogue's Run Grocer
  197. Tacoma Food Co-operative
  198. Mississippi Market Natural Foods Co-op
  199. Yelm Food Co-op
  200. Fiddleheads Food Co-op
  201. Food Front Cooperative Grocery
  202. Park Slope Food Co-op
  203. New Leaf Market Co-Op
  204. Gardiner Food Co-op & Café
  205. Just Local Food Cooperative
  206. BriarPatch Co-op Natural Foods Community Market
  207. Co-op Market Grocery & Deli
  208. Spiral Natural Foods Co-op & Grocery
  209. NuWaters Co-op
  210. Breadroot Natural Foods Co-op
  211. Caju Food Coop
  212. Northwind Natural Foods Co-op
  213. Menomonie Market Food Co-op
  214. Placerville Natural Food Co-op
  215. Honest Weight Food Coop
  216. Barrels Community Market
  217. Chatham Real Food Market Co-op
  218. Sugar Beet Food Co-op
  219. New Orleans Food Co-op
  220. Vancouver Food Cooperative
  221. Natural Abundance Food Co-op
  222. Byron Bay Harvest
  223. Dubuque Food Co-op
  224. Sierra Vista Food Cooperative
  225. Berkshire Co-op Market
  226. Deep Roots Market
  227. Market Street Co-Op
  228. Mountain View Market
  229. Bisbee Food Co-op
  230. Pocatello Co-op
  231. Doylestown Food Co-op
  232. Hartland's Nutrition Connection Cooperative
  233. Boise Consumer Co-op
  234. Affiliated Food Co-op, Inc.
  235. Hanover Co-op: Lebanon
  236. Good Earth Market
  237. Oldfort Co-op
  238. Natural Foods Market & Buyers Co-op
  239. Basic Cooperative
  240. La Montanita Food Co-op: Gallup
  241. Mariposa Co-op
  242. Trinity United Church of Christ
  243. French Broad Food Co-op
  244. Kent Natural Foods Co-op
  245. Monroe Good Food Group
  246. East End Food Co-op
  247. Mixed Nuts
  248. Mountain People's Market
  249. Higher Ground
  250. Winnetoon Mall Co-op
  251. Castine Co-op
  252. Wholistic Food Options
  253. Greater Baker Food Co-op
  254. Valley Natural Foods Co-op
  255. Three Rivers Market
  256. Purple Porch Co-op
  257. Growers Market
  258. Pomme De Terre Food Co-op
  259. Cape Ann Food Co-op
  260. Food Conspiracy Co-op
  261. Wild Sage Natural Foods Cooperative
  262. Kokua Market Natural Foods Co-op
  263. Hillsdale Family Food Co-op
  264. Otherworld Food Co-op, Inc.
  265. Bethesda Co-op
  266. SE KS Buying Club
  267. Coos Head Food Co-op
  268. Syracuse Real Food Co-op
  269. Countryside Co-op
  270. The Cooperative Grocery (The CoG)
  271. Nutshell Co-op
  272. Natural Food Co-op
  273. Alternative Food Co-op
  274. Kresge Food Co-op
  275. Rabbit Run Buying Club
  276. First Alternative Natural Foods Co-op
  277. Olympia Food Co-op
  278. Kissimmee Organic Co-op
  279. Order From Chaos Buying Club
  280. Mountain Community Co-op
  281. La Montanita Food Co-op: Santa Fe
  282. Wheatsville Food Co-op
  283. Plainfield Coop
  284. Crow Wing Food Co-op
  285. Ukiah Natural Foods
  286. Eats Natural Foods Co-op
  287. Summercorn Foods
  288. Puget Consumers' Co-op - West Seattle
  289. Rising Tide Co-op
  290. Viola Food Co-op
  291. Just Food Co-op
  292. City Market - Onion River Co-op
  293. Trillium Natural Foods Community Co-op
  294. HM!
  295. Neighborhood Natural Foods Coop
  296. Marquette Food Co-op
  297. Jersey City Food Co-Operative
  298. Potsdam Consumer Co-op
  299. Blue Springs Food Club
  300. Madison Market/Central Co-op
  301. Glut Food Co-op
  302. Duluth Whole Foods Co-op
  303. Healthy Foods Co-op
  304. Riverbend Market Cooperative
  305. Durango Natural Foods
  306. Colville North Country Co-op
  307. Sweet Grass Food Co-op
  308. Chico Natural Foods
  309. Touchstone Bakery
  310. Springfield Food Co-op
  311. Ozark Natural Foods Co-op
  312. Riverwest Co-op Grocery & Café
  313. River Market Community Co-op
  314. Jumplight Farms
  315. Willy Street Co-op
  316. Fresh Life Natural Food Coop
  317. Tonasket Natural Foods Co-op
  318. Co-opportunity Consumers Co-op
  319. Upstate Food Co-op
  320. Plum Creek Food Co-op
  321. Lakewinds Natural Foods
  322. Viroqua Food Cooperative
  323. West Orlando Healthy Families
  324. Flatbush Food Cooperative
  325. Puget Consumers' Co-op - Redmond
  326. Salal Cafe
  327. Bolinas Peoples Store
  328. Bloomingfoods Near West Side
  329. Iowa Food Cooperative
  330. Community Store Co-op
  331. Straddle Creek Food Co-op
  332. Otter Creek Food Co-op
  333. Chatam Marketplace
  334. Keller Texas Produce Co-op
  335. Karma Co-op
  336. Maple City Market
  337. North Coast Co-op, Eureka
  338. Maryland Food Co-op
  339. Hanover Co-op Food Store
  340. Lexington Co-operative Market
  341. Big Hollow Food Coop
  342. Bloomingfoods Market & Deli
  343. West Central Illinois Food Cooperative
  344. Harmony Food Co-op
  345. Common Ground Food Co-op
  346. Seminole Natural Foods
  347. Upper Valley Food Co-op
  348. Akron Cooperative Market
  349. Olympia Food Co-op - East
  350. Port Townsend Food Co-op
  351. Wintergreen Food Coop
  352. Weaver Street Market
  353. Puget Consumers' Co-op - Kirkland
  354. Happy Healthy Human Organic Produce Coop/Buying Club
  355. White River Co-op
  356. Valley Market
  357. Neighborhood Co-op Grocery
  358. Better Foods Co-op
  359. Good Tern Natural Foods Co-op
  360. People's Food Co-op of Kalamazoo
  361. SDA Coop
  362. Amazing Grains Natural Food Market
  363. Huajatollas Food Co-op
  364. Chadron Natural Food Co-op
  365. Wild Oats Cooperative
  366. Seward Co-op Grocery & Deli
  367. Grain Train Natural Food Market
  368. Plainfield Cooperative Buying Club
  369. Crumb's Bakery
  370. Rainbow Health Foods
  371. Adamant Co-op
  372. Sussex County Food Co-op
  373. Jura Books Food Co-op
  374. Phoenix Earth Food Co-op
  375. Organic Alaska
  376. Sevananda Food Co-op
  377. North County Cooperative Grocery
  378. Farmer Dave's
  379. Linden Hills Food Co-op
  380. Everybody's Healthfood Market
  381. Puget Consumers' Co-op - Fremont
  382. Twin Pines Food Co-op - Thrift Shop- Kayak Club
  383. Common Market Co-op
  384. In Good Taste
  385. Belfast Co-op
  386. Blue Hill Co-op Community Market & Cafe
  387. Concord Cooperative Market
  388. Esperance Co-op
  389. Rainbow Whole Foods Co-op Grocery, Deli and Cafe
  390. Rainbow Gardens Co-op
  391. Northwoods Whole Foods Co-op
  392. Island City Food Co-op
  393. Other Avenues Community Food Store
  394. Rail City Market Co-op
  395. Haywood Road Market
  396. Know Your Farms (Distributor/Buying Club)
  397. Crozet Natural Foods
  398. Plattsburgh North Country Co-op
  399. Good Harvest Grocer
  400. Oak Center General Store Food Co-op
  401. Whole Earth Grocery
  402. Nature's Best Natural Food Co-op
  403. Cook County Whole Foods Co-op
  404. Oryana Food Cooperative
  405. Sno-Isle Natural Foods Co-op
  406. Federation of Ohio River Cooperatives
  407. Abundance Cooperative Market
  408. Little River Co-op
  409. Fare Share Cooperative
  410. Greener Living Co-op
  411. Life Grocery Natural Food Co-op & Café
  412. Alfalfa House Food Co-op
  413. Choice Foods Co-op
  414. New Pioneer Co-op
  415. Kandi Cupboard
  416. Western Praire Food Co-op
  417. Suny Binghamton Co-op
  418. City Center Market
  419. Erie Whole Foods Co-op
  420. Woodland Food Co-op
  421. Three Rivers Food Co-op's Natural Grocery
  422. Takoma Park Food Co-op
  423. Fulton County Food Co-op
  424. Green Fields Market
  425. Park Street Service Center
  426. High Plains Food Coop
  427. Hendersonville Community Co-op
  428. Naturally Good Food
  429. Oceana Natural Foods Co-op
  430. Natural Alternatives Food Co-op
  431. Cooley Farm
  432. Badger Town & Country Store
  433. Commonhealth Foods Co-op Outlet
  434. Hungry Hollow Co-op
  435. Outpost Natural Foods Co-op: Wauwatosa
  436. Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Co-op
  437. Isla Vista Food Co-op
  438. New Life Food Club
  439. Oneota Community Food Co-op
  440. The Food Coop
  441. Good Food Co-op
  442. Amazing Grains
  443. Harvest Food Co-op
  444. Davis Food Co-op
  445. Wedge Community Co-op
  446. Eastside Food Co-op
  447. Mohawk Harvest Cooperative Market
  448. Open Harvest Natural Foods Co-op
  449. Puget Consumers' Co-op - Seward Park
  450. City Food Co-op (Buying Group of St. Louis)
  451. Rainbow Food Co-op
  452. Hampden Park Food Co-op
  453. Eat Local Eastport Co-op
  454. Puget Consumers' Co-op - Offices
  455. Organic Buying Club Metro Detroit
  456. Leverett Village Co-op
  457. Silver City Food Co-op
  458. Selene Whole Foods Co-op
  459. Good Food Store
  460. Santa Rosa Community Market & Café
  461. Riverside
  462. Main Street Market Whole Foods Co-op
  463. Prairieland Market
  464. Good Cheap Food
  465. Finland Cooperative
  466. Topeka Natural Food Coop
  467. Wooster Natural Foods
  468. Iron River Grocery Co-op
  469. Corners of the Mouth Natural Foods
  470. Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op
  471. Alberta Cooperative Grocery
  472. Fort Collins Food Co-op
  473. Organic Produce Buying Club of South Florida
  474. The Ark Buying Club
  475. College Street Bakery
  476. St.Peter Food Co-op & Deli
  477. Wild Rice Buying Club
  478. Yahara River Grocery Cooperative
  479. Community Co-op
  480. Buying Club
  481. Community Mercantile
  482. Durham Co-op Grocery
  483. Daily Groceries Food Co-op
  484. Natural Harvest Whole Food Co-op
  485. Ashland Food Co-op
  486. Moscow Food Co-op
  487. 4th Street Food Co-op
  488. People's Market
  489. West Michigan Co-op
  490. Tidal Creek Cooperative Food Market
  491. Clear Creek Food Co-op
  492. The Co-op Natural Foods
  493. Swarthmore Co-op
  494. Greenbelt Consumer Cooperative
  495. George Street Co-op
  496. New Pioneer Bakehouse
  497. Hunger Mountain Co-op
  498. Good Earth Food Co-op
  499. First Alternative Natural Food Co-op
  500. Wheatsfield Cooperative Grocery
  501. People's Food Co-op & Café Verde
  502. Stevens Point Area Food Co-op
  503. Chequamegon Food Co-op
  504. Natural Bounty Buying Club
  505. Linden Hills Natural Home
  506. Midtown Food Coop
  507. Central City Co-op
  508. Light Foods Co-op
  509. Morningside Buying Club
  510. Essentials For Life
  511. Great Basin Community Food Coop
  512. North Coast Co-op, Arcata
  513. Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op
  514. Quincy Natural Foods Co-op
  515. Puget Consumers' Co-op - View Ridge
  516. Rutland Area Food Co-op
  517. The Village Store Co-op
  518. Keweenaw Food Co-op
  519. 14 Carrots Natural Foods Co-op
  520. Bloomingfoods Downtown
  521. Putney Food Co-op
  522. Mega Pik N Save
  523. Fare Share Market
  524. Brattleboro Food Co-op
  525. Living Organics Buying Club
  526. Mountain People's Co-op
  527. Ever'man Cooperative Grocery & Cafe
  528. River Valley Market
  529. Takoma Park Silver Spring Coop
  530. Foothills Co-op
  531. Eastford Food Co-op Buying Club
  532. Wachusett Food Co-op
  533. Inman Feed Mill Food Coop
  534. Simple Times Farm Market & Buying Club
  535. Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op & Café
  536. Buffalo Mountain Food Co-op
  537. Oxford Hills Food Cooperative
  538. La Montanita Food Co-op: Valley
  539. Co-op Community Food Market
  540. Natural Foods Co-op/Market
  541. St. J. Food Co-op
  542. Mille Lacs Area Food Co-op
  543. Bluff Country Co-op
  544. La Montanita Food Co-op: Nob Hill
  545. Skagit Valley Food Co-op
  546. "Best of the Blessed" Healthy Food Co-op
  547. Natural Roads Food Co-op
  548. Ferry Food Co-op
  549. Good Foods Market & Café
  550. Sunseed Food Co-op, Inc.
  551. Puget Consumers' Co-op - Issaquah
  552. Weavers Way Cooperative Association
  553. High Falls Food Coop
  554. Cass Corridor Food Co-op
  555. Newark Natural Foods Cooperative
  556. Willimantic Food Co-op
  557. My Organic Food Club
  558. Sonoita Buying Club
  559. GreenStar Cooperative Market
  560. Portland People's Food Co-op
  561. River City Food Co-op
  562. Outpost Natural Foods Co-op
  563. East Lansing Food Co-op
  564. Rich Harvest
  565. Puget Consumers' Co-op - Greenlake
  566. Growing Tree Natural Foods
  567. Nature's Exchange
  568. Community Food Co-op
  569. Purple Dragon Co-op
  570. Organic Christians Buying Club/Food Co-op
  571. Camino / La Siembra Coop
  572. Organic Valley - Farmers Co-op
  573. Ecoessentials
  574. Naked Naturals Whole Foods

  575. Tools
  576. Alberni Valley Transition Town Society

  577. Websites
  578. Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners association
  579. Coop Directory Service
  580. BC Farms & Food
  581. COG`s Guide to the Candian Organic Standards
  582. Growing with Nature
  583. BC Farms & Food: Guide to Farmers Markets
  584. Cortes Farmer’s Markets

    Farming & Gardening

    Best practices for sustainable agriculture

  1. No-dig Gardening Basics from Deep Green Permaculture
  2. Hugelkultur gardening/rotting wood garden beds
  3. New and Notable Revisions to the Candian Organic Standards
  4. Fellowship of Biodynamic Preparation Makers
  5. Holistic Orchard Network Soil Health
  6. "The One Straw Revolution", Masanobu Fukuoka -Interviews
  7. How To Start a CSA
  8. The Complete Guide To Starting A Mushroom Farm
  9. 30 Edible Flowers You Can Eat Right Out Of Your Garden
  10. Iron gardening tools versus copper gardening tools: What we were never taught
  11. Electroculture for Beginners
  12. Goats VS Sheep - Which Is Better For Your Backyard?

  13. Books
  14. "Secrets of the Soil"
  15. Mycellium Running

  16. Companys
  17. Love and Carrots
  18. Terra Flora Organics
  19. Resilient Seeds
  20. SeedWise
  21. Whaletown Garden Centre
  22. Hardy Fruit Tree Nursery
  23. FiddleHead Nursery
  24. Lacewing Plants and Seedlings
  25. Nutcracker Nursery
  26. Welcome to Adaptive Seeds2023
  27. Grow Mushrooms Canada
  28. Four Season Greens
  29. Quiverwood Nursery
  30. Tripple Brook Farm
  31. Goat School

  32. Directorys
  33. SOIL - Stewards of Irreplaceable Land -
  34. Soil Food Web Laboratory Technicians
  35. Slocan Valley Grown

  36. Farms
  37. Leda Organic Farm
  38. Hupacasath Farm
  39. Full Circle Seeds
  40. Apple Luscious Organic Orchard
  41. Valhalla Farms
  42. Fireweed Farms
  43. Inspiration Farm
  44. Blossom Meadow Farm
  45. Growing Hope Farm
  46. Pigeonlake Permaculture Farm
  47. The Gamble Farm
  48. Manorun Organic Farm
  49. Mavourneen Farm
  50. long-wind-farm
  51. Blackwater Creek Orchard
  52. Juniper Farm

  53. Films
  54. Garden Master Course

  55. Groups
  56. BC Eco Seed Co-op

  57. Organizations
  58. Rodale Institute
  59. Canadian Organic Grower's Guide to Canadian Organic Standards
  60. Demeter International
  61. Biodynamic Association
  62. Quantum Agriculture
  63. Organic Farmers Association
  64. City Folk Farm Folk
  65. C-Dar BiodynamicSociety
  66. Directory of Regional Biodynamic Groups
  67. IFOAM Organics International
  68. Régénération Canada
  69. Nurture in Nature
  70. Dream Village
  71. Gaia College
  72. Real Organic Project
  73. Soil Health Labs
  74. The South Island Farm Hub

  75. Periodicals
  76. BC Organic Grower magazine
  77. Mother Earth News

  78. Products
  79. Farm Folk City Folk Magazine
  80. Growing Spaces - Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Kits

  81. Videos
  82. Auto Composter

  83. Websites
  84. Rhythm of Nature Biodynamic Planting Calendar
  85. Site Map for The GardenZone
  86. VI Pests, Pollinators and Beneficials

    Soil Building

    Enhancing and restoring the quality and health of soil

  1. Organic Gardener's Pantry

  2. Organizations
  3. Regeneration Canada

    Food Storage and Preservation

    Storage and preservation of food for extended time after harvesting

  1. The Art of Fermentation
  2. Wild Fermentation: The Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live-Culture Foods, 2nd Edition

  3. Companys
  4. Excalibur Dehydrators


    Cultivating and caring for bees

  1. Beekeeping for Beginners
  2. Extracts of Polypore Mushroom Mycelia Reduce Viruses in Honey Bees

  3. Books
  4. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Beekeeping

  5. Organizations
  6. Natural Beekeeping Trust
  7. Friends of the Bees


    The design of human systems based on patterns found in nature

  1. How to Set up a Permaculture Farm in 9 Steps
  2. How much land do you need? (free calculator)
  3. Introduction to Dryland Strategies in Permaculture
  4. Hügelkultur Bed – A Natural Way to Garden

  5. Books
  6. Introduction to Permaculture
  7. RetroSuburbia: the downshifter's guide to a resilient future.
  8. The PFAF Shop

  9. Companys
  10. Earthlight Permaculture
  11. Permaculture Design Magazine
  13. Hatchet & Seed
  14. AppleSeed Permaculture
  15. Eco-Sense
  16. The Permaculture Academy
  17. Food Forest Farm
  18. Food Forest Canada
  19. Edible Landscape Design
  20. Elemental Permaculture
  21. ViNE Permaculture
  22. Design Jam Permaculture
  23. The Urban Farmer
  25. Wayne Weiseman and The Permaculture Project
  26. Permaculture Artisans
  27. Neumark Design
  28. Green Barn Farm

  29. Events
  30. Permaculture Design Course

  31. Farms
  32. Limestone Permaculture

  33. Films
  34. Miracle Farms, a 12-acre commercial permaculture orchard in Southern Quebec

  35. Organizations
  36. Permaculture Research Institute
  37. Permaculture Institute
  38. Plants For a Future Database
  39. Permaculture Association
  40. Balkan Ecology Project
  41. Omaha Permaculture

  42. Videos
  43. Permaculture and Sociocracy Working Together: Grow Engagement with Systems Design

  44. Websites
  46. Permaculture in Ontario


    Building soil and sequestering carbon with charred wood

  1. Biochar Fact Sheet


    The ancient art of safely transforming human waste into fertile garden soil with the help of aerobic bacteria.

  1. Build Your Own DIY Composting Toilet Cheaply and Easily

  2. Books
  3. The Humanure Handbook
  4. Essential Composting Toilets
  5. Holy S--t: Managing Manure to Save Mankind

    Soil Biota Enhancment

    Optimizing soil health and productivity by cultivating symbiotic microorganisms

  1. Teaming With Microbes

  2. Companys
  3. Terra Flora Soilworks
  4. RootShoot Soils
  5. Root Rescue

  6. Organizations
  7. Environment Celebration Institute

    Seed Saving

    Saving, preserving and sharing seeds as an essential part of a sustainable local food system

  1. How to Save Vegetable Seeds

  2. Companys
  3. Heirloom Seeds & Plants
  4. Heirloom Seed Vault
  5. Fruition Seeds

  6. Directorys
  7. Alberta Seed Companies
  8. BC Seed Suppliers

  9. Farms
  10. Salt Spring Seeds

  11. Organizations
  12. Seed Savers Exchange
  13. Seed and Plant Sanctuary
  14. BC EcoSeed Co-op
  15. Organic Seed Alliance
  16. Open Source Seed Initiative
  17. SeedChange
  18. Native Seeds/SEARCH

  19. Websites
  20. How to Save Seeds
  21. Borrow Save Share


    Harvesting wild plants for food or medicine

  1. Ethical Wildcrafting
  2. Edible Ontario: Foraging for wild ingredients
  3. Botanical Information
  4. Beginners Guide to Foraging: BC’s Wild Edible Plants

  5. Books
  6. Pacific Northwest Medicinal Plants
  7. Pacific Northwest Medicine Making and Botanical Extract Guide

  8. Companys
  9. The School Of Forest Medicine
  10. Wild Muskoka Botanicals

  11. Directorys
  12. Native Plants PNW

  13. Websites
  14. Edible Berries of British Columbia
  15. Wild Edible Mushrooms of British Columbia
  16. Wild Edible Plants of British Columbia


    The transformation of organic "waste" into enhanced soil.

  1. ShareWaste

  2. Articles
  3. Vermiculture (worm composting)
  4. EarthEasy Guide to Composting
  5. How to Make Your Own Worm Farm

    Community Gardens

    Places where many people can grow food together on the same piece of land

    Community Gardens
  1. Cedar Cottage Community Garden
  2. Laughing Willow Community Garden
  3. Hastings St Folk Garden
  4. Cottonwood Community Garden
  5. Millross Gardens on Main
  6. Jacob's Well #1 Garden
  7. Jacob's Well #2 Garden
  8. Davie Village Garden
  9. East Boulevard Allotment Plots
  10. Mole Hill Garden
  11. Cypress Community Garden
  12. Pandora Park Community Garden
  13. Maclean Housing Garden
  14. Woodland Park Community Garden
  15. Maple Community Garden
  16. Cedar Cottage Community Garden
  17. Elisabeth Rogers Community Garden
  18. 16 Oaks Garden
  19. Kitsilano Community Garden
  20. Sahalli Community Garden
  21. John McBride Community Garden
  22. Cedar Cottage Community Garden - Part 2
  23. Pine St. Community Orchard
  24. Dowtown Intercultural Gardeners Society (DIGS)
  25. Ladybug Garden
  26. Village on False Creek Garden
  27. MOBY Community Garden
  28. Robson Park Community Garden
  29. Wall Street Community Garden
  30. Pine St. Community Garden
  31. Robson Park Coop Garden
  32. Brewery Creek Community Garden
  33. Il Centro Community Garden (Beaconsfield Park)
  34. Nelson Park Community Garden
  35. Fraserlands Community Garden (Riverfront Park)
  36. Charleson Park Community Garden
  37. Cheyenne Community Garden
  38. City Hall Lawn Garden
  39. Dunbar and 41st Garden
  40. UP! Elgin community garden
  41. Farmers at 57th
  42. Stanley Park Community Garden
  43. Adanac Park Community Garden
  44. China Creek Housing Co-op Garden
  45. Urban Acres
  46. CROWS Point Community Garden
  47. Collingwood Community Gardens
  48. Mount Pleasant Community Garden
  49. Cambie Park Community Garden
  50. Dundee Community Garden
  51. Langara College Garden
  52. Hastings Community Centre Learning Garden
  53. Grandview Elementary Community Garden
  54. Creekside Community Recreation Centre Collaborative Garden
  55. China Creek Community Garden
  56. Kerrisdale Community Garden
  57. Means of Production Garden
  58. Pine Street Community Garden (6th and Fir Park)
  59. Community Alternatives Coop Community Garden
  60. Princess and Cordova Garden
  61. Tea Swamp Community Garden
  62. Garden of Eatin'
  63. Kingscrest Park Community Garden
  64. Killarney Garden
  65. The World in a Garden
  66. McSpadden Park Community Garden
  67. The Rise on Cambie
  68. SPEC Cambie Communal Garden
  69. Kaslo Gardens Community Vegetable Garden
  70. Matheson Heights Housing Coop Garden
  71. Kitsilano Community Centre Garden
  72. Atira Community Garden
  73. Grace Memorial Church Garden
  74. Bosman Hotel Garden
  75. Grandview Terrace Garden
  76. HFBC Housing Foundation Garden - 5th Avenue
  77. The James Garden & Social Community
  78. HFBC Housing Foundation Garden - Venables St
  79. HFBC Housing Foundation Garden - Euclid St
  80. Cedar Cottage Neighourhood House Edible Garden
  81. Vera Community Garden
  82. Kiwassa Neighbourhood House Community Garden
  83. Norquay Community Learning Orchard
  84. BC Seniors Living Assoc. Garden
  85. Tenth Church Garden
  86. Chilean Housing Coop Garden
  87. Chinatown Peace Church Garden
  88. Menno Simmons centre Garden
  89. Aberthau Garden Project
  90. City Hall expansion garden
  91. Grass Roots Community Garden
  92. Chester's Field Garden
  93. Deeper Roots Seniors Community Garden
  94. Our Lady of Sorrows Convent garden
  95. SPEC Rooftop Garden
  96. 15th Avenue Coop garden
  97. Marpole Family Place
  98. Church of the Good Sheppard garden
  99. Emma G Coop garden
  100. Mount Pleasant Demonstration Garden
  101. Champlain Place Community Garden
  102. Oppenheimer Park Medicine Wheel Garden
  103. South Vancouver Family Place 1 garden
  104. St. Augustines Anglican Church garden
  105. Kitsilano Christian Community Church garden
  106. Marpole Place expansion garden
  107. Let's Grow Together! Community Garden
  108. Lakeview United Church garden
  109. Cityview Baptist Church garden
  110. DTES Market location garden
  111. Chimo Terrace Youth Garden
  112. Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House Garden 2
  113. Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House Garden 1
  114. Kitsilano Neighbourhood House garden
  115. Moberley Cultural Herb Garden
  116. Hemlock Court garden
  117. Habitat Villa - Metro Housing garden
  118. Trillium Park North Artists Garden
  119. Brightside Home Foundation - King's Daughters garden
  120. Brightside Home Foundation - Wallace Wilson garden
  121. Copley Community Orchard
  122. SPEC Vancouver Compost Demonstration Garden
  123. Still Creek Community Garden
  124. Kits Village Collaborative Garden

  125. Organizations
  126. Strathcona Community Garden
  127. Rooted for Life Garden
  128. Pender Community Garden

    Health & Wellness

    Integrative and holistic methods of maintaining and restoring optimal human health

  1. Articles by Ryan Drum aka Fucus Man

  2. Books
  3. The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles

  4. Companys
  5. School of Evolutionary Herbalism
  6. The Green Beaver
  7. Harmonic Arts
  8. Cascadia Folk Medicine
  9. Ecologic Dentistry
  10. Earth & Spirit
  11. Organic Chinese Herbs
  12. Cortes Creations
  13. Twigroot Botanicals
  14. Health Research Institute
  15. Bear Roots Forest Apothecary - Herb Gardens & Apothecary

  16. Events
  17. 2019 Vancouver Island Herb Gathering

  18. Farms
  19. Ravensong Seeds & Herbals
  20. Innisfree Farm

  21. Knowledge Holders
  22. Patch Adams
  23. Paul Farmer
  24. Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

  25. Organizations
  26. Herbalists without Borders
  27. Student Clinic | Pacific Rim College
  28. Victoria Health Cooperative
  29. International College of Integrative Medicine
  30. Nature Nurture Farmacy
  31. Cortes Family. Ca
  32. Heart Math Institute
  33. Cochrane

  34. Websites
  35. The Kind Life
  37. EMF Protection: Natural Solutions - ElectricSense
  38. The EMF Safety Shop
  39. Learning Herbs
  40. A Warrior Curing Psoriasis Naturally


    Getting the correct balance of foods for optimum health

  1. The Gaples Institute for Integrative Cardiology


    Natural plant-based diet that avoids animal products

    Physical Exercise

    Optimizing health and well-being with a physically active lifestyle

  1. Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain
  2. Born to Run

  3. Websites
  4. The New York Times Scientific 7-Minute Workout
  5. Fitness Blender


    Maintaining balance with helpful and pathogenic bacteria


    The study and practice of healing with medicinal plants

  1. The Herbalist
  2. Twig & Stone Botanical Medicine

  3. Websites
  4. Woodward Phytotherapy


    Methods and resources for cleaning without toxic chemicals

  1. Dr. Bronner's All-One!
  2. Seventh Generation
  3. Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve Company


    A time-tested method of preserving food which is delicious, energy efficient and maintains natural enzymes and nutrition

  1. GT's Living Foods
  2. Pemberton Distillery

    Cardio Vascular Health

    Holistic heart health and preventative cardio medicine

  1. Dr. Joel Kahn

  2. Organizations
  3. Heart MD Institute


    Getting enough sleep is a major contributor to good physical, emotional, and mental health

  1. Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

  2. Tools
  3. Redshift

    Nutrition Based Dental Care

    Ways of preventing and curing tooth decay through diet and nutrition

  1. Green Pastures

    Housing & Structures

    Efficient and responsible design, construction, and maintenance of buildings

  1. Building Energy Optimization Tool

  2. Books
  3. A Pattern Language

  4. Companys
  5. Nudie Jeans
  6. Inhabitant Magazine
  7. The NeoHouse Institute
  8. EcoNest
  9. indinature
  10. Arctic Acres

  11. Organizations
  12. Living Future Institute
  13. Yarrow Ecovillage
  14. Cortes Community Housing

  15. Videos
  16. A Home Building Revolution - The Harmless Home

  17. Websites
  18. Wikihouse
  19. Worlds Advance Saving Project
  20. Place Design principles


    Planning and design from home to village and city scale

  1. Sustainable Housing – How to Enable Environmental Sustainability with Eco Living?

  2. Books
  3. A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction

  4. Companys
  5. Communitecture
  6. Earthship Biotecture
  7. Biotonomy

  8. Organizations
  9. Earthship DK

    Rooftop Gardening

    Utilizing the tops of buildings for green space

    Tempature Regulation

    Efficiently heating, cooling, and maintaining optimal temperature

    Thermal Insulation

    Conserving energy by reducing unhelpful transfer of heat


    Non-polluting, ecologically responsible and efficient sources of heat

    Thermal Storage

    Systems for storing heat energy


    Efficient and ecologically responsible ways of reducing heat


    Optimal and efficient light sources


    Made with organic fibre or other sustainable materials

  1. Why and How to Avoid Toxic Clothing by Dr. Mercola

  2. Companys
  3. Teemill Organic Clothing
  4. Patagonia
  5. Rawganique
  6. TOMS
  7. Still Eagle
  8. Movement Global
  9. Swedish Stockings
  10. Proclaim
  11. Synergy Organic Clothing
  12. Duckworth
  13. TreeSisters Organic Clothing

  14. Farms
  15. Inca Dinca Do - [CLOSED]

  16. Organizations
  17. Sustainable Apparel Coalition

  18. Products
  19. Darn Tough Socks
  20. Ravenhill Homestead
  21. Guthrie Farm
  22. Deerwood Angoras

    Materials & Manufacturing

    Responsible resource stewardship, manufacturing, and recycling

  1. Vancouver Hack Space
  2. MakerLabs

  3. Local Experts
  4. That’s Awesome! Industrial & Creative Welding

  5. Organizations
  6. Responsible Minerals Initiative
  7. Cortes Forestry General Partnership
  8. Cortes Community Forest Cooperative

  9. Standards
  10. Global Organic Textile Standard International Working Group

  11. Websites
  12. Global Village Construction Set


    Transforming previously used materials into new raw materials

  1. Cortes Island Free Store and Recycling Centre
  2. Ever Green Recycling Institute
  3. Recycling Council of British Columbia
  4. Shirts to Bags

  5. Tools
  6. ByFusion Blocker


    Sustainable management of ecosystems


    Ethical, sustainable, and local production of fibre and cloth

  1. Crowing Hen Farm

  2. Groups
  3. Vancouver Island Fibershed

  4. Products
  5. Francis O Vineyard Wool

  6. Websites
  7. Long Way Homestead

    3D Printing

    3D printers make it possible for DIY production of plastic, resin, and metal parts that, up until recently, were otherwise very difficult or expensive to create on a small scale

  1. RepRap
  2. PLA filament

    Building Materials

    Sustainable building and construction materials

  1. overview of alternatives to concrete

  2. Companys
  3. Just BioFiber

    DIY Machinery

    Leveling the playing field in favor of resilient small scale manufacturing

  1. MechMate CNC Router - Build your own with our detailed plans

  2. Websites
  3. Instructables


    The beneficial application of scientific knowledge through mechanical or information systems

  1. The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains by Nicholas Carr

  2. Organizations
  3. Organization for Ethical Source
  4. Global Village Institute for Appropriate Technology

  5. Websites
  6. Solar Cooking Wiki
  7. Appropriate Technology Library
  8. Stack Overflow

    Scientific Research Ethics

    Ethics and regulation of scientific research, experimentation, and technology

  1. Kids Right to Know


    Face-to-face, storytelling, written, digital, social media, journalism, visual or performing arts — clear, honest and effective communication is an essential element of effective culture

  1. Secure Scuttlebutt

  2. Companys
  3. FairPhone

    Spirituality & Faith

    Inspiration, Faith & Practice

  1. A Book of Uncommon Prayer by Brian Doyle
  2. Shadow, Self, Spirit

  3. Groups
  4. The Interfaith Amigos

  5. Knowledge Holders
  6. Desmond Tutu
  7. Lama Surya Das
  8. Joanna Macy
  9. John Lundin
  10. Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
  11. David James Duncan
  12. Thích Nhất Hạnh
  13. Brian Doyle
  14. Matthew Fox
  15. Dr. Jim Antal, Rev.

  16. Organizations
  17. Farm the Land, Grow the Spirit
  18. Natural Dharma Fellowship
  19. United Religions Initiative
  20. Harvard Divinity School
  21. Sisters of the Earth
  22. San Francisco Interfaith Council
  23. Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County
  24. Compassion Games
  25. Interfaith Community Sanctuary
  26. Center for Action and Contemplation
  27. Arsayian Foundation


    Beneficially effective ceremonial gatherings and events

  1. Salish Sea Ecoretreats


    An individual's direct experience of their relationship to a fundamental reality

    Interfaith Harmony

    Fostering understanding, harmony, and cooperation between religions

  1. Parliament of the World's Religions


    The practice of quieting the mind, body, and emotions

  1. Sit Illustrated: So, What's funny about meditation?

  2. Websites
  3. How to Meditate: Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation


    Sustainable methods for moving people and things from place to place

  1. Kootenay Carshare Cooperative
  2. Cowichan Valley's Local Biodiesel Provider


    An efficient and sustainable method of human transport

  1. Bike Friday

  2. Organizations
  3. The Hub Community Bike Shop


    Wind powered vessels can efficiently transport people and goods with zero energy inputs

    Electric Vehicles

    Considered to be a more sustainable method of transport powered by electricity rather than fossil fuel

  1. Tesla, Inc.

  2. Websites
  3. DIY Electric Bike


    Harmonious ways of gathering, using, purifying, conserving and caring for water

  1. Klean Kanteen
  2. Rewilding Water & Earth Inc.
  3. Aquarian Systems
  4. Rainwater Harvesting

  5. Organizations
  6. Sea Smart School Society
  7. Project Watershed

  9. Websites
  10. Blue Planet Links
  11. Wetland Restoration and Training Resources

    Rainwater Collection

    Collecting and storing rain

  1. DIY Rainwater Harnessing System

  2. Websites
  3. DIY Rainwater Harvesting Systems

    Water Cleaning and Purification

    Removing harmful trash, chemicals and organisms from water and waterways

  1. DIY Home Greywater System