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John Todd Ecological Design

Holistic ecology company.

In situ remediation systems, called Restorers, can jumpstart the ecology of a water body, digest sediments and reduce nutrient levels, bringing the water body back into ecological health. They can also serve as habitat for wildlife and as a recreational amenity within a community.

John Todd Ecological Design is building the next generation of natural systems for the treatment of wastewater and the remediation of degraded water bodies. The designs use biodiversity and natural processes to create mechanically simple but biologically complex systems capable of treating the most difficult contaminants and human waste streams.

They focus on reshaping how people think about wastewater treatment by designing advanced ecologically engineered systems that clean water and provide a public amenity to built environments and aim to remove conventional barriers and reconnect people with the nutrient and hydrological cycles to enliven the human experience.

Eco-Machines have been used as living classrooms and focal points for campuses with sustainability goals. These systems make the best use of valuable water resources and protect the natural environment by providing onsite wastewater treatment, and rehabilitation of water bodies.

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