The Creative Culture Guide [BETA]
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Contributing to the Creative Culture Guide

Anyone who is committed to the Creative Culture Standards and Ethics can contribute to the Creative Culture Guide. The guide has two basic types of item:


A category or area of activity that needs to be understood and practiced well for a culture to thrive in a sustainable and enlightened way.


An organization, tool, person, or idea that can help people address their needs in a holistically sustainable way. Each resource is part of one or more sectors.

Adding A New Item

  1. Sign in with your email and password. (Use the link in the upper right of the page)
  2. Do a search to see if the item already exists. (If it does you can edit and improve the existing page.)
  3. Click add a sector or add a resource from the 'Add' menu in the upper right of the page and fill in the necessary fields.



All sectors and resources can be edited by any member. To make an edit click/tap and hold on the text that needs editing and a green box will appear indicating that you've entered editing mode, you can then make the necessary changes and click save. Members can see how an item changed between edits using the right and left arrows in edit header.

Contribution Karma

Members' receive "karma points" for the quality and quantity of their contributions. Your karma score is shown in the header under your username.

Creative Culture Contribution Contests take place periodically when members win prizes for their contributions.



All contributions are reviewed to make sure that they are in alignment with the Creative Culture Standards and Ethics before being activated.

If you notice something inappropriate use the 'flag as inappropriate' tool (from the left hand menu) to alert a moderator about the issue.


Contribution Guidelines

Life Honoring

Compassionately responsible for impacts on all living beings.


Only using sustainably renewable resource and energy sources.


Minimal resource and energy use.


Non-selfish standards of economic and social equality.

Zero Waste

Complete life-cycle accounting and responsibility.


Not putting out that which is harmful.


Without engaging in, or profiting from results of, violent conflict.


Beneficially fulfilling a real and relevant need.


Happy-making and positive effort done with love and appreciation.

The guide is specifically about helping people live in harmony with the universe. Its purpose is to bring to light creative alternatives, not fighting the destructive nature of the status-quo. Therefore, without disrespect for their importance, we request that activist initiative that focus on confronting the status-quo are avoided.



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