The Creative Culture Guide [BETA]
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Culture, Arts
Creative artistic endeavor and practices of cultural evolution and wellbeing.
Optimizing individual and collective human potential through right education and learning.
Ethical and holistic approaches to broadening human knowledge and understanding of the cosmos.
Creative approaches to optimizing multi generational family and kinship.
Efficient and responsible design, construction, and maintenance of buildings.
Integrative and holistic methods of maintaining and restoring optimal human health.
Food Sustainable methods of cultivating, collecting, storing, and preparing food. Water Harmonious ways of gathering, using, re-purifying, conserving and caring for water. Materials
Responsible resource stewardship, manufacturing, and recycling.
Energy Sources of energy for human use. Transport Sustainable methods for moving people and things from place to place. Economics
Equitable systems of exchange, valuation, barter and trade.
Decision Making
Systems of just, sustainable and enlightened decision making, leadership, responsibility, and regulation.
Inspiration, Faith

The Creative Culture Guide is an evolving mandala of community-sourced resources and guiding principles for sustainable society.

The mission of the guide is to serve as a complete and concise set of guidelines for a society where humans co-exist in a harmonious and equitable balance, honoring and supporting the well being of the entire biosphere and all its inhabitants.

Each sector of the mandala represents a fundamental human need and is addressed in a community-sourced overview of principles for holistically understanding and addressing the topic.

The unique graphical interface brings attention to the vital connections across sectors, highlighting the opportunities and importance of holistic integrated solutions.

The entire project is an evolving, open source collaboration with an intuitive live-editing system where everything (including this outline) can easily be updated by anyone. Rolling version comparisons of updates can be browsed and moderated on an ongoing basis.

The sectors of the Creative Culture mandala are accompanied by a curated directory of resources for going deeper into each topic. Local on-the-ground organizations are highlighted with regional resource maps alongside global initiatives. Local resources are curated by local sustainability experts.


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