The Creative Culture Guide [BETA]
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Art & Culture
Creative artistic endeavor and practices of cultural evolution and wellbeing.

Nonpolluting and efficient sources of heat. Heat is used in numerous ways in low-tech as well as high-tech societies. Producing heat often causes air pollution and uses large amounts of energy. One of the most significant use is maintaining indoor temperatures warm-enough for health and wellbeing in...

Creative Culture
Best practices for an enlightened and sustainable society. The Creative Culture Guide is an evolving mandala of guiding principles and resources for sustainable society. The mission of the guide is to serve as a complete and concise set of guidelines for a society where humans co-exist in a harmonious...

Health & Wellness
Integrative and holistic methods of maintaining and restoring optimal human health. The human body is an incredibly sophisticated self-repairing system that still surpasses medical or scientific understanding. However the body requires certain conditions to thrive and sometimes it needs special care...

LUSH Valley Food Action Society
LUSH Valley is a catalyst for food-related projects, working to strengthen relationships in the local food system and build on individuals’ food skills in an effort to increase self-reliance. Fruit harvesting and farm gleaning remain core programs that supply local food box programs, in addition to...

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