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The idea of waste, something that gets discarded, is fundamentally incompatible with an holistic and optimized natural system. Everything transitions between states and between different life-forms but nothing is "waste".

Principals for transitioning to a wasteless culture:

  1. Reduce resource extraction, production and consumption of new products.

  2. Redesign products and methods of production to eliminate waste by designing for longevity, modularity, and indefinite closed-loop reuse.

  3. Avoid all single-use materials such as packaging and convenience products.

  4. Convert "waste" to resources for the benefits of local production and the creation of a sustainable society.

  5. Clean, sort, and store any not-yet-recyclable "waste" to enable future re-manufacturing .

Not trashing things at the household level is the first step, but even without personally putting anything in the garbage more then 80% of wastage happens before a product gets purchased, so to go beyond landfill culture one must go beyond participation in the industrial product market.

Zero-waste Resources

Zero Waste Living — Bea Johnson

Bea Johnson lives a zero-waste lifestyle with a family of four. A writer, speaker, and leader, she shares practical tips and how-tos for reducing waste and shifting our lifestyle to ensure a healthy environment into the future.


The Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA) is an international organization focused on Zero Waste standards, policies and best practices. The ZWIA Charter Principles are: 1. Convert waste to resources for the benefits of local production and the creation...


Olioex is a free smart-phone app meant to connect neighbours to share food and other things, rather than chuck them away. Olio is has more then a million users in 49 different countries.

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