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Tekpak Solutions

Zero-waste company.

Tekpack Solutions has developed certified "omnidegradable" packaging that biodegrades in composting facilities.

"The additive is a particular blend of Organic compounds, which in the presence of microbes, create an enzyme that breaks down the long-chain molecules of the plastic. This allows the microbes to then consume the plastic. After 10 years of testing, we can make just about any type of packaging Omnidegradable® – resealable pouches, zippered bags and even bags with off-gasing valves."

Mission Statement
Our mission is simple – offer better packaging solutions. Better means more functional, sustainable and affordable. We’re not here to ‘greenwash‘ you or your customers. That’s why we spent 10 years researching the options and invested heavily in third party lab reports, field tested trials and our own – in-house – experiments.
compostable, packaging, biodegradable, eco-friendly