The Creative Culture Guide [BETA]
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Each cell in a body is part of the whole body. In the same way, every living being on earth lives by giving and receiving within the living planetary body. All lives are interwoven in the living fabric of life on this planet, therefore a creative culture must include:

Limitations on Life Destructive Activities - The physical cycles of life and death in nature self-regulate elegantly. Human beings must be responsible for keeping the creative and destructive effects of their activities in harmony with the whole of life.

Species Modesty - The human species must not exceed a sustainable populations size and footprint, without the careless or excessive suppression or extinction of other life forms.

Species Diversity - The human population must be supportive of the naturally occurring, harmonious genetic diversity.

Life Honouring Resources

Bolivian Law of the Rights of Mother Earth

The Law of the Rights of Mother Earth is a Bolivian law that sets forth a legal and ethical vision of the rights of the life-systems. The seven rights granted to Mother Earth and all life-systems: - To life: It is the right to the maintenance of the...

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