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The Rights of Mother Earth

The Right to know the Truth

The Right to Life and Freedom

The Right to Equal Opportunity and Freedom from Oppression

The Right of Basic Respect

Freedom of Religion

Freedom of Speech

Rights & Freedoms Resources

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Water organization is a nonprofit organization that provides microloans to people living in poverty to enable them to put a tap or toilet in their homes.

The Golden Rule Project

Education & learning organization
"The mission of the Golden Rule Project is to increase awareness and the practice of compassion, kindness, and peace by sharing the universal principle of the Golden Rule through education, programming, and partnerships. The Golden Rule Project is not...

Charter for Compassion

Principles & ethics organization
A document which urges the peoples and religions of the world to embrace the core value of compassion; founded by Karen Armstrong. On April 26, 2010, Seattle became the first city in the world to affirm the charter. The charter now has thousands of signatories.

The Bolivian Declaration of Mother Earth's Rights

Rights & freedoms standard
Mother Earth being a living being, of which all life forms, both animate and inanimate are part, and aware of its benefits for living well — in good health — we assume the responsibility and the generational role in cultivating balance and harmony...