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Farming & Gardening Resources

Love and Carrots

Regional farming & gardening company (about 26 miles away)
Love & Carrots strives to revive the knowledge of growing food that was once passed from generation to generation. Since 2011, Love & Carrots has worked diligently to proliferate this knowledge with individuals, families, businesses, and organizations;...

Edible Landscaping

Farming & gardening company (about 105 miles away)
A selection of trees, shrubs, herbs, and an array of garden plants are available for purchase on this site or pick up directly from the fruit tree and garden nursery. Shipping is available year-round and plants are grown naturally without herbicides...

Rodale Institute

Farming & gardening organization (about 136 miles away)
Widely recognized as a founder of the modern organic movement, Rodale Institute has been a global leader in regenerative organic agriculture for over 70 years. Rodale Institute is growing the regenerative organic movement through research, farmer training,...

Organic Farmers Association

Farming & gardening organization (about 140 miles away)
Who We Are In 2016 farmers from across the country came together to launch the Organic Farmers Association to unite organic farmers for a better future together. Rodale Institute supports this initiative as fiscal sponsor and partner with the Organic...

Soil Health Labs

Farming & gardening organization (about 313 miles away)
The aim is to help farmers, researchers & conservationists better understand healthy, functioning soils. The team has a proven track record of soil and crop research. We’ve partnered with producers, researchers and NRCS reps around the country, learning...

Real Organic Project

Continental farming & gardening organization (about 428 miles away)
Real Organic Project is a grassroots, farmer-led movement and add-on label created to distinguish soil-grown and pasture-raised products under USDA organic. Industrial powers are changing the definition of USDA organic. Real organic farmers are struggling...

Canadian Organic Grower's Guide to Canadian Organic Standards

Farming & gardening organization (about 450 miles away)
To label a product with the Canada Organic logo, producers are required, by law, to follow the Canadian Organic Standards. These apply whether growing vegetables, raising laying hens or processing convenience food. The standards, however, can be challenging...

Green Barn Farm

Permaculture company (about 473 miles away)
Fruit Trees for Our Secure Farming Future Specializing in nut trees, fruit trees berries, etc. for permaculture and agroforestry in cold Canadian climates. Green Barn Farm (formerly known as Green Barn Nursery) has bred and selected an extensive collection...

Hardy Fruit Tree Nursery

Continental farming & gardening company (about 512 miles away)
The aim is to bring trees bearing the promise of fresh, tasty fruit and nuts, to even the toughest of Canada’s northern regions. The online nursery features a selection of cold-hardy fruits, nut trees, and shrubs for zones 1-6. Trees are grown on-site...

Quantum Agriculture

Farming & gardening organization (about 526 miles away)
Quantum Agriculture, refers to a new, evolving method of agriculture that applies the last century of discoveries in quantum physics and quantum biology to scientifically growing food of the highest quality. Quantum Agriculture not only considers the...

Directory of Regional Biodynamic Groups

Continental farming & gardening organization (about 621 miles away)
Listing of regional biodynamic groups for local advisory referrals, apprenticeship, training, or conference/workshop opportunities.

Biodynamic Association

Farming & gardening organization (about 625 miles away)
The BDA is a participatory, membership-based nonprofit organization that works to nurture the North American biodynamic movement as a diverse, collaborative, and thriving ecosystem. We help thousands of new people understand and practice biodynamics,...

Permaculture Design Magazine

Permaculture company
(Formerly the Permaculture Activist) "Permaculture Design is an independent quarterly serving the permaculture movement in North America. We publish articles dealing with the spectrum of permaculture thought and action—from gardening to ecovillages,...

Auto Composter

Farming & gardening video
Auto aerated and watered large compost pile demo. Using a perforated pipe, a bounce house blower, wire mesh, and drip hoses, Matt Powers demonstrates a short time-lapse of building of an auto compost pile.

Mother Earth News

Farming & gardening periodical
Among the most popular and longest-running sustainable-lifestyle magazines in the USA, Mother Earth News provides editorial coverage of organic foods, country living, green transportation, renewable energy, natural health, and green building.

Growing Spaces - Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Kits

Farming & gardening product
Growing Spaces provides Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Kits designed to enable people to reliably grow their own food in cold climates. Growing Spaces domes energy self-sufficient using passive solar heating and solar powered ventilation and reported to...

Permaculture website
A large collection of active and diverse Permaculture articles and forums on most topics related to homesteading and sustainability, as well as video resources, podcasts and on site appropriate technology and permaculture courses.

Kiss the Ground

Ecology film
Kiss the Ground is a feature-length documentary focusing on regenerating the world’s soils. It shows that it's possible to rapidly stabilize Earth’s climate, restore lost ecosystems and create abundant food supplies through regenerative agriculture.

Regenerative Agriculture 101

Farming & gardening organization
Learn about the many practices used in regenerative agriculture.

Gaia College

Farming & gardening organization
Organic horticulture courses for home gardeners, market gardeners, and landscape professionals. Gardening knowledge and landscape design courses to restore human and environmental health. Established in 2003, Gaia College offers a proven curriculum in...

Site Map for The GardenZone

Farming & gardening website
This site is for anybody who wants to grow their own food: organic vegetables, organic fruit and, last but not least, organic herbs. You can save money, pick dinner from your own garden, and get the most delicious fruit and veg you've ever tasted - your...

IFOAM Organics International

Farming & gardening organization
IFOAM is an international organic and sustainable agriculture advocacy organization with members in over 100 countries.

Demeter International

Farming & gardening organization
Demeter International is the largest certification organization for biodynamic agriculture, and is one of three predominant organic certifiers. Demeter Biodynamic Certification is used in over 50 countries to verify that biodynamic products meet international...

Agricultural meters, probes, tools & instruments

Farming & gardening company
Quality agricultural meters at competitive prices. A huge range of innovative farm, agricultural, and horticultural meters, probes, instruments, tools and resources with the bonus of personal and experienced service resources from The Meter Man - David...

No-dig Gardening Basics from Deep Green Permaculture

Farming & gardening article
No-dig gardening is a highly productive method of using compost, mulch, microbes, vermiculture and know-how to create usable, sustainable and earth friendly gardens.

Permaculture company
A site dedicated to Permaculture principles and publications with books and videos featuring David Holmgren and many other prominent permaculture designers and thinkers. Permaculture principles illustrated and explained, information exchange and methods...

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