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Quantum Agriculture

Sustainable farming & gardening organization.

Quantum Agriculture, refers to a new, evolving method of agriculture that applies the last century of discoveries in quantum physics and quantum biology to scientifically growing food of the highest quality. Quantum Agriculture not only considers the chemistry and life of the soil biology, but also the warmth and light of the atmosphere and how this works with nitrogen, oxygen, moisture and carbon dioxide to provide 95% or more of the make-up of plants and animals. We are committed to educating and supporting farmers and gardeners around the globe in the practice of enriching the soil and atmosphere as they farm. We are passionate about growers prospering and being honored as the cornerstone of our culture.

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Mission Statement
We envision vibrant, self-regenerative, biolgically active soils in tandem with an envigorating climate and vital atmos of our cherished planet.

We envision our global population having bounteous, delicious, vitalizing, envigorative agricultural production supporting our well-being and spiritual development.