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LUSH Valley Food Action Society
LUSH Valley is a catalyst for food-related projects, working to strengthen relationships in the local food system and build on individuals’ food skills in an effort to increase self-reliance. Fruit harvesting and farm gleaning remain core programs that supply local food box programs, in addition to...

Perishable Food Recovery Program - BC Food Banks
Over $6 Billion of food is wasted in BC every year; healthy food that is sent to landfills, when it could be redirected to feed hungry families. To address the urgent need to reduce this unbearable waste and get more fresh and healthy food onto the tables of British Columbians, Food Banks BC launched...

Sustainable methods of cultivating, collecting, storing, and preparing food Second only to air and water, food is among the most fundamental human needs. However, more so then breathing air or drinking water, acquiring food has a significant and partially unavoidable impact on other living beings....

Sugar Beet Food Co-op
Sugar Beet Food Co-op is open to the general public everyday from 7am - 9pm. Started by a group of neighbors in 2012, Sugar Beet Food Co-op was created to provide a marketplace for local growers and producers and greater access to local food. Sugar Beet is also a hub for skill sharing and learning about...

Food Forest Abundance
Aiming to create abundant food forests in every neighborhood. Offering consultations, design, and installation services. Food forests are low-maintenance, sustainable, edible landscapes perfect for suburban yards, retirement villages, schools, community gardens, businesses, and everywhere in between.

International Forest Garden / Food Forest Symposium Presentations Online 31 May-4 June 2021and on-demand
International Forest Garden / Food Forest Symposium, Symposium Video Presentations: Achive of many video presentations on food forests throughout Europe, Medicinal Food Forests, etc.

Capital Region Food and Agriculture Initiatives Roundtable
Promoting healthy and sustainable food systems through networking events and education in the Capital Region of Vancouver Island. Hosts an annual Farmer2farmer regional conference and quarterly events.

Peoples Food Coop
Grocer offering local, organic & sustainable food items plus an on-site, year-round farmer's market. "We cultivate strong relationships with the food we eat, the people who produce it, and the friends and family we share it with. We strive to buy directly from farmers and food producers whenever possible,...

Sustainable Food Edmonton
Sustainable Food Edmonton is a non-profit charitable organization that initiates and supports projects and programs to encourage community building through urban agriculture. To connect communities and kids with their food, how it’s produced, and the planet that makes it all possible Sustainable Food...

Food Forest Canada
Food Forest Canada is a venture by Permaculture Designer and farmer Lindsay Brandon. Specializing in food forest design, vegetable gardening and researching and developing hemp fibre and grain crops in Alberta Canada.

Cortes Natural Food Co-op
Cortes Natural Food Co-op is a community-owned cooperative business dedicated to bringing locally grown, organic, sustainably produced, healthy food to the Cortes Island community. The co-op includes a bakery, cafe, and grocery store, providing fresh natural food, baked goods, seasonal organic produce...

Skagit Food Co-op
The Skagit Food Co-op provides natural, organic, and locally-sourced food to Mt. Vernon, Burlington, La Conner, and the Skagit Valley.

Rochester People's Food Co-op
Founded in 1970 by the members of a food-buying club, People's Food Co-op is owned by over 3000 member owners and is a member of the National Cooperative Grocers Association and the United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives.

Gardiner Food Co-op & Café
The Gardiner Food Co-op is a consumer-owned cooperative working to bring Maine food to Maine tables. Everyone is welcome to shop and anyone can join to become a member-owner. Opened in 2015, the Co-op is a welcoming space offering produce, meat, dairy, grocery, wellness products, beer and wine. We have...

Maryland Food Co-op
College Park, US organic food store.

Hanover Co-op Food Store
Hanover, US organic food store.

Big Hollow Food Coop
Laramie, US organic food store.

West Central Illinois Food Cooperative
Galesburg, US organic food store.

Harmony Food Co-op
Bemidji, US organic food store.

Common Ground Food Co-op
Urbana, US organic food store.

Upper Valley Food Co-op
White River Junction, US organic food store.

Olympia Food Co-op - East
Olympia, US organic food store.

Port Townsend Food Co-op
Established in 1972, the Port Townsend Food Co-op is a full-service organic foods market providing affordable organic foods. The Co-op has more than 6,000 active owner-members and it employs about 100 community.

Wintergreen Food Coop
Albert Lea, US organic food store.

People's Food Co-op of Kalamazoo
Kalamazoo, US organic food store.

Amazing Grains Natural Food Market
Grand Forks, US organic food store.

Huajatollas Food Co-op
Gardner, US organic food store.

Chadron Natural Food Co-op
Chadron, US organic food store.

Grain Train Natural Food Market
Petoskey, US organic food store.

Sussex County Food Co-op
Newton, US organic food store.

Jura Books Food Co-op
South Wales, US organic food store.

Phoenix Earth Food Co-op
Toledo, US organic food store.

Sevananda Food Co-op
Atlanta, US organic food store.

Linden Hills Food Co-op
Minneapolis, US organic food store.

Twin Pines Food Co-op - Thrift Shop- Kayak Club
Port Washington, US organic food store.

Island City Food Co-op
Cumberland, US organic food store.

Other Avenues Community Food Store
San Francisco, US organic food store.

Oak Center General Store Food Co-op
Lake City, US organic food store.

Nature's Best Natural Food Co-op
Milbank, US organic food store.

Oryana Food Cooperative
Traverse City, US organic food store.

Life Grocery Natural Food Co-op & Café
Marietta, US organic food store.

Alfalfa House Food Co-op
Austerlitz, US organic food store.

Western Praire Food Co-op
Dawson, US organic food store.

Woodland Food Co-op
Woodland, US organic food store.

Three Rivers Food Co-op's Natural Grocery
Fort Wayne, US organic food store.

Takoma Park Food Co-op
Takoma Park, US organic food store.

Fulton County Food Co-op
Wauseon, US organic food store.

High Plains Food Coop
Englewood, US organic food store.

Naturally Good Food
Spring Hill, US organic food store.

Natural Alternatives Food Co-op
Luck, US organic food store.

Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Co-op
San Diego, US organic food store.

Isla Vista Food Co-op
Goleta, US organic food store.

New Life Food Club
Dayton, US organic food store.

Oneota Community Food Co-op
Decorah, US organic food store.

The Food Coop
La Jolla, US organic food store.

Good Food Co-op
Youngstown, US organic food store.

Harvest Food Co-op
Owatonna, US organic food store.

Davis Food Co-op
Davis, US organic food store.

Eastside Food Co-op
Minneapolis, US organic food store.

City Food Co-op (Buying Group of St. Louis)
Saint Louis, US organic food store.

Rainbow Food Co-op
Blue Earth, US organic food store.

Hampden Park Food Co-op
Saint Paul, US organic food store.

Silver City Food Co-op
Silver City, US organic food store.

Good Food Store
Food co-op providing locally-produced, organic, and bulk foods in Missoula Montan.

Riverside Food Co-op
Natural food co-op serving Larne, Northern Ireland.

Good Cheap Food
Delhi, US organic food store.

Topeka Natural Food Coop
Topeka, US organic food store.

Fort Collins Food Co-op
Fort Collins, US organic food store.

St.Peter Food Co-op & Deli
Saint Peter, US organic food store.

Daily Groceries Food Co-op
Athens, US organic food store.

Natural Harvest Whole Food Co-op
Virginia, US organic food store.

Ashland Food Co-op
Ashland, US organic food store.

Moscow Food Co-op
Moscow, US organic food store.

4th Street Food Co-op
New York, US organic food store.

Tidal Creek Cooperative Food Market
Wilmington, US organic food store.

Clear Creek Food Co-op
Richmond, US organic food store.

Good Earth Food Co-op
Saint Cloud, US organic food store.

First Alternative Natural Food Co-op
Corvallis, US organic food store.

Ann Arbor People's Food Co-op
People’s Food Co-op is a community-owned grocery store and deli in downtown Ann Arbor focused on providing local, organic, and sustainable products.

Stevens Point Area Food Co-op
Stevens Point, US organic food store.

Chequamegon Food Co-op
Ashland, US organic food store.

Midtown Food Coop
Memphis, US organic food store.

Great Basin Community Food Coop
Reno, US organic food store.

Rutland Area Food Co-op
Rutland, US organic food store.

Keweenaw Food Co-op
Hancock, US organic food store.

Putney Food Co-op
Putney, US organic food store.

Brattleboro Food Co-op
Readsboro, US organic food store.

Eastford Food Co-op Buying Club
Hampton, US organic food store.

Wachusett Food Co-op
Holden, US organic food store.

Inman Feed Mill Food Coop
An old country feed mill providing animal feed as well as nutritious human food for co-op customers.

Buffalo Mountain Food Co-op
Hardwick, US organic food store.

Oxford Hills Food Cooperative
Norway, US organic food store.

La Montanita Food Co-op: Valley
Albuquerque, US organic food store.

Co-op Community Food Market
Hanover, US organic food store.

St. J. Food Co-op
Saint Johnsbury, US organic food store.

Mille Lacs Area Food Co-op
Isle, US organic food store.

La Montanita Food Co-op: Nob Hill
Albuquerque, US organic food store.

Skagit Valley Food Co-op
Mount Vernon, US organic food store.

"Best of the Blessed" Healthy Food Co-op
Denton, US organic food store.

Natural Roads Food Co-op
Wheeling, US organic food store.

Ferry Food Co-op
Republic, US organic food store.

Sunseed Food Co-op, Inc.
Cape Canaveral, US organic food store.

High Falls Food Coop
High Falls, US organic food store.

Cass Corridor Food Co-op
Detroit, US organic food store.

Willimantic Food Co-op
Willimantic, US organic food store.

My Organic Food Club
Boca Raton, US organic food store.

Portland People's Food Co-op
Portland, US organic food store.

River City Food Co-op
Evansville, US organic food store.

East Lansing Food Co-op
East Lansing, US organic food store.

Community Food Co-op
Bozeman, US organic food store.

hOMegrown Living Foods
Makers and distributors of sprouted, organic, whole-food snacks, nuts, foods. "At hOMe we believe in the Power of Food as medicine and offer the most bio available, plant-based, low carbohydrate snacks with no refined sugar or preservatives. 100% Farm to Shelf Whole Food Nourishment from our hOMe to...

Soil Food Web Laboratory Technicians
The soil food web is an integral part of healthy soil. SFW Lab-Techs examines soil samples under a microscope to determine the diversity of biology in your soil. Technicians can determine the balance of organisms and make recommendations for improving the soil's food web. SFW Lab-Techs are certified...

Food Forest Farm
Growing Resilience for People & Planet Food Forest Farm aims to help people create low-maintenance, regenerative food systems. They grow, supply, and teach about perennial vegetables and other multipurpose plants. Consulting is available to design landscapes that are sustaining and nourishing for people...

Sole Food Street Farms
Sole Food Street Farms is an urban agriculture project in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Founded in 2008 by Michael Ableman and Seann Dory, Sole Food's mission is to provide low-income residents of the Downtown Eastside with "jobs, agricultural training, and inclusion in a supportive community...

Ypsilanti Food Co-op
Ypsilanti, US organic food store.

Salem Food Cooperative
Salem, US organic food store.

Bread and Roses Food Cooperative
Tallahassee, US organic food store.

Natural Living Organic Food Co-op
A certified non-GMO store, with organic food bulk buying club for members and a grocery store open to the public.

Valley Food Co-op
Alamosa, US organic food store.

Rochester Good Food Co-op
Rochester, US organic food store.

Arroyo Food Coop
Pasadena, US organic food store.

Portland Food Co-op
Portland, US organic food store.

Granary Food Co-op
Ortonville, US organic food store.

Sunset West Food Co-op
We are the only food co-op on the tip of the northwest coast. We have a Buyer's Club, grocery and eatery. We are a life style with a social edge!

Tacoma Food Co-operative
Tacoma, US organic food store.

Yelm Food Co-op
Yelm, US organic food store.

Food Front Cooperative Grocery
Portland, US organic food store.

Park Slope Food Co-op
Brooklyn, US organic food store.

Just Local Food Cooperative
Eau Claire, US organic food store.

Menomonie Market Food Co-op
Menomonie, US organic food store.

Placerville Natural Food Co-op
Placerville, US organic food store.

Honest Weight Food Coop
Albany, US organic food store.

Chatham Real Food Market Co-op
Chatham, US organic food store.

New Orleans Food Co-op
New Orleans, US organic food store.

Vancouver Food Cooperative
Vancouver, US organic food store.

Natural Abundance Food Co-op
Aberdeen, US organic food store.

Dubuque Food Co-op
Dubuque, US organic food store.

Sierra Vista Food Cooperative
Sierra Vista, US organic food store.

Bisbee Food Co-op
The Bisbee Food Co-op natural and organic groceries, produce, wines, beers, bulk foods & herbs and more. The BFC supports local farmers, gardeners and organizations.

Affiliated Food Co-op, Inc.
Norfolk, US organic food store.

La Montanita Food Co-op: Gallup
Gallup, US organic food store.

French Broad Food Co-op
Asheville, US organic food store.

Monroe Good Food Group
Monroe, US organic food store.

East End Food Co-op
Pittsburgh, US organic food store.

Wholistic Food Options
Norwich, US organic food store.

Greater Baker Food Co-op
Baker City, US organic food store.

Pomme De Terre Food Co-op
Morris, US organic food store.

Cape Ann Food Co-op
Gloucester, US organic food store.

Food Conspiracy Co-op
Tucson, US organic food store.

Hillsdale Family Food Co-op
Hillsdale, US organic food store.

Coos Head Food Co-op
North Bend, US organic food store.

Syracuse Real Food Co-op
Syracuse, US organic food store.

Natural Food Co-op
Dover, US organic food store.

Alternative Food Co-op
Wakefield, US organic food store.

Kresge Food Co-op
Santa Cruz, US organic food store.

Olympia Food Co-op
Olympia, US organic food store.

La Montanita Food Co-op: Santa Fe
Santa Fe, US organic food store.

Wheatsville Food Co-op
Austin, US organic food store.

Crow Wing Food Co-op
Brainerd, US organic food store.

Viola Food Co-op
Viola, US organic food store.

Just Food Co-op
Northfield, US organic food store.

Marquette Food Co-op
Marquette, US organic food store.

Jersey City Food Co-Operative
Jersey City, US organic food store.

Blue Springs Food Club
Blue Springs, US organic food store.

Glut Food Co-op
Mount Rainier, US organic food store.

Sweet Grass Food Co-op
Douglas, US organic food store.

Springfield Food Co-op
Springfield, US organic food store.

Fresh Life Natural Food Coop
Chattanooga, US organic food store.

Upstate Food Co-op
Six Mile, US organic food store.

Plum Creek Food Co-op
Windom, US organic food store.

Viroqua Food Cooperative
Viroqua, US organic food store.

Flatbush Food Cooperative
Brooklyn, US organic food store.

Iowa Food Cooperative
Somewhere between a coop distributor, buying club, and grocery store, the Iowa Food Coop hosts over 125 local producer-members; consumer-members browse available products during each shopping cycle (bi-weekly/monthly), order, and pick-up on a specified date at one of five pick-up locations.

Straddle Creek Food Co-op
Mount Carroll, US organic food store.

Otter Creek Food Co-op
Vergennes, US organic food store.

Food Storage and Preservation
Storage and preservation of food for extended time after harvesting

Organic Christians Buying Club/Food Co-op
An organic food co-op for the Lake Norman area. Organic Christians Buying Club is member based with convenient online ordering with several pick up locations in Mooresville, Salisbury, & Huntersville, NC. Sign up for monthly membership and receive your first two weeks FREE. Online ordering is open weekly...

BC Farms & Food
The Vancouver Island Farms & Food Map is a guide to farms and fresh local produce on southern Vancouver Island and Salt Spring Island.

Misfits Market
Misfits Market is an online mail-order food store dedicated to making affordable, high-quality food more accessible while helping break the cycle of food waste. The company works directly with farmers to rescue organic produce and other grocery items that might otherwise go to waste, then deliver them...

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life (2007) is a non-fiction book by Barbara Kingsolver detailing her family's attempt to eat only locally grown food for an entire year. The book revolves around the concept of improving the family's diet by eating only foods that her family was able to grow...

Project Food Forest
Project Food Forest was founded in 2016 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The goal is to encourage, empower, and equip people to plant and care for edible plants all over. The scope of the work includes planting public food forests; implementing programs that add edible trees and shrubs to existing public...

Food Forest Cooperative
The Food Forest Cooperative is a locally operated sustainable enterprise created to empower community members and the challenge the patterns of our food system through the blending of environmental, social and economic goals.

The Orchard Community Learning Center
Creating a flourishing local food system by gathering all of the growers, local farmers, and nature lovers to empower real, local food. Providing programs to make it easier to grow good produce and help the community access it. These programs include a student run vegan café, a food-to-food composting...

Young Agrarians
Growing the next generation of farmers and food lovers in Canada!

Bellingham Community Food Co-op
Voted Bellingham's best grocery store, the Bellingham Community Food Co-op organic, local, & natural groceries and to-go meals made in-house.

Farm Folk City Folk Magazine
Launched in Kelowna, BC, FarmFolk CityFolk Magazine tells the stories of the many British Columbians who are instrumental in developing and preserving the province's food culture. With the notion that food is the cornerstone of civilization and culture, this magazine focuses on four particular areas-food...

Otherworld Food Co-op, Inc.
An organization that places collective orders for organic and authentic food and bulk items to share.

Harmonious ways of gathering, using, purifying, conserving and caring for water All living things on earth depend on water. Humans are mostly made of water and our need for H20 is even more fundamental then our need for food or shelter. Yet — while many people and communities lack the water they need...

LocalHarvest connects people looking for good food with local farmers who produce. LocalHarvest provides a directory of over 30,000 family farms and farmers markets, along with restaurants and grocery stores that feature local food. Food producers create and maintain their own listing.

Food Forest Nursery
Food Forest Nursery is a family owned nursery specializing in fruit and nut trees, berry bushes, fruiting vines, nitrogen fixers, and other perennial permaculture plants. We select the varieties we grow for disease resistance (the our humid climate in the Arkansas Ozarks), flavor, overall variety in...

Northern Food Forest Nursery
Northern Food Forest Nursery specializes in growing cold hardy fruit and nut trees, berries, vines, and perennials to zone 4 and colder for the Canadian climate. . Bare-root trees and plants are available to ship to all of Canada excluding British Columbia in early spring (mid-April to mid-May). All...

Fiddleheads Food Co-op
A full service natural grocery, specializing in organic and/or local produce, locally made artisan foods, and now offering delivery service to Block Island and Fisher's Island via ferry.

Caju Food Coop
We specialize in Asian grocery items (especially Korean) such as sea weeds, sesame seeds, sesame oil, asian beans, asian grains, asian fruits, bean pastes, chili pastes, etc. We have a very small store so item selections are very limited. It is good for the customers who are looking for organic Asian...

Doylestown Food Co-op
A community-based grocery store providing access to healthy, fresh, local, and organic products.

Roots Natural Foods
Maple ridge natural food store specializing in certified organic whole foods and healthy alternatives to conventional supermarket items including wide variety of wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, raw food, low sodium and sugar-free products.

The Green Mustache Organic Café
"At the Green Moustache Organic Café optimum health tastes good. We are serious about 100% organic, gluten + dairy free, whole food cuisine*, and we always make sure it’s made with laughter and love. Delicious, nutrient-rich, plant-based food is the core of our healing revolution. Our food is made...

Ideal Green Market Cooperative
Natural food coop providing local, sustainable and healthy food and products to the residents and visitors to the Brainerd Lakes/Whitefish area.

The Dill Pickle Co-op
Dill Pickle Food Co-op offers healthy food choices and the benefits of cooperative practice to build a vibrant local community and more sustainable world. We meet community needs and strengthen area diversity through products, services, and education. Like others around the world, our co-op adheres to...

NuWaters Co-op
Located in the historic Eldorado Ballroom building (downstairs-parking in the rear) on the corner of Elgin and Dowling in 3rd Ward. This co-op eliminates the food desert designation for this community. It is member owned and operated retail food co-op. It is open Tue-Sun, 9am to 5pm, unless there is...

Earthlight Permaculture
Bringing food and medicine close to home; using permaculture design to create unique, abundant habitats and nurturing healing spaces: edible landscaping and water-wise gardens; herbal medicine and pollinator gardens; food forests and resilience plantings; fire smart landscaping. Services include consultations,...

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