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Seed Saving

Although purchasing store-bought seed on an annual basis has become the norm, saving and sharing seeds is an essential part of a sustainable local food system.
Best practices for sustainable agriculture.

Seed saving is the art of collecting, and storing, and growing out seed from one year to the next.

Key aspects of successful seed saving include

Different plants require different techniques for pollination, seed collection and storage.

Seed Saving Resources

Open Source Seed Initiative

The Open Source Seed Initiative works to maintain fair and open access to plant genetic diversity worldwide. Protecting the freedom of farmers, gardeners, breeders, and future generations to save, replant and share seeds without the threat of privatized...

Peace Seeds

A Planetary Genome Pool Service; Plant Breeding for the Public Domain Pacific Northwest grown, open pollinated, organic seed. Founder and Director of Research: Alan Kapular. Through Peace Seeds and Peace Seedlings, the Kapulers promote the concepts of...

Organic Seed Alliance

Grow seed for the common good Leading education, research and advocacy to advance organic seed Seed is part of our common cultural heritage – a living, natural resource that demands careful management to meet food needs now and into the future. Organic...

Salt Spring Seeds

One of the oldest organic seed companies in BC, specializing in preserving heirloom varieties of beans, legumes, peas, flowers, vegetables, dye plants and medicines. Promoting growing and saving of heirloom seed. Classes, lectures, books. Also founders...

BC EcoSeed Co-op/Open Source Seed Initiative

BC Eco Seed Co-op is a producer's cooperative of farmers providing BC grown certified organic and ecological seeds all grown by farmers in BC.

Borrow Save Share

The website is a project of LifeCycles Project, dedicated to supporting the free and open sharing of locally grown seed in British Columbia. It includes a directory of BC seed libraries and resources to help start community seed libraries.

Seed Savers Exchange

An online chart describing the seed saving techniques and isolation distances for 25 common vegetables.

Seed and Plant Sanctuary

A charitable organization dedicated to the health and vitality of the earth through the preservation and promotion of heritage seeds. It is committed to maintaining, evaluating and keeping databases for all the edible, medicinal and useful crops that...

Linnaea Farm

Linnaea Farm is a 314 acre Organic Land Trust located on Cortes Island dedicated to sustainable agriculture, ecology and education.

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