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In a just society, all individuals are given an equal the opportunity to thrive and be treated with respect and fairness.

Unbiased Equivalence of Opportunity

The circumstances of an individual's birth — including race, culture, economic status and gender — should never bias how that person is treated.

Personal choices, such as gender orientation or religion, should never bias an individual's opportunities in areas where those choices are not relevant — such as choices of employment or civic participation.

Life circumstances that may be out of an individual's control — such as physical or mental health or financial position — should not impact an individual's opportunities in areas where those circumstances are not relevant.

Honoring Diversity and Individual Responsibility

Individuals have differences of ability and different areas of interest. As long as they do not cause harm, these differences should never be suppressed. These differences may lead to choices and actions that will effect an individual's opportunities.

Others should not be held responsible for the results of an individual's actions on that individual's opportunities.

Equality Resources

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The Spirit Level

Equality book
The Spirit Level is a collation of research from hundreds of independent scientific publications showing how and why people in more (economically) equal societies live longer, healthier, happier and more ecologically sustainable lives they then people...

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