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Journalism Resources

Robert Fisk

Journalism knowledge holder
Robert Fisk is an English writer and journalist. An Arabic speaker, Fisk has lived in Beirut since 1976. Fisk is a pacifist and has never voted. He has said that journalism must "challenge authority, all authority, especially so when governments and politicians...

Chris Hedges

Journalism knowledge holder
An American journalist specializing in American politics and society; Harvard Divinity School (M.Div); spent 15 years as a foreign correspondent for The New York Times. He was based in the Middle East for five years.

Das Geotheanum

Journalism periodical
The Goetheanum, a weekly for anthroposophy Founded in 1921 by Rudolf Steiner and Albert Steffen. ISSN: 1422-7622 "Anthroposophy is a path of knowledge, to guide the Spiritual in the human being to the Spiritual in the universe. It arises in man as...

Terry Tempest Williams

Journalism knowledge holder
An American author, conservationist and activist. Williams' writing is rooted in the American West ; contributing ed. Orion

Dahr Jamail

Regional journalism knowledge holder
Dahr Jamail is a staff reporter for Truthout, currently focusing on issues of climate change. His most recent book is " The End of Ice: Bearing Witness and Finding Meaning in the Path of Climate Disruption" (The New Press, 2019). He lives and works in...