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Solar Energy

Using sunlight for generating energy
Energy Ethically sustainable sources of energy for human use

Photovoltaic Solar Panels

The most common type of solar panel are photovoltaic solar cells, or PVs, which convert sunlight directly into electricity. Photovoltaic solar cells range in efficiency from about 15% to 30% efficiency.

Solare Panel Efficiency


As of 2016 prices for solar panels were esimated at $3 US per watt, however cost including installation was closer to $6.

Other Types of Solar Energy Collection

Other forms of solar energy collection (apart from the most obvious and important one of plant life) include:

Solar Energy Resources

Viridian energy co-operative

Local solar energy company
Viridian Energy Co-operative provides solar energy systems. Assessments, design, installation and consulting by the worker owned co-op of Professional Engineers, Red Seal Electricians and Renewable Energy Technicians.

Viridian Energy

Local solar energy company
VISION To Contribute to a World where Clean renewable energy is the established method for powering energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, healthy and resilient communities BALANCE Viridian is the colour between green and blue, representing the balance...

Modern Outpost

Local solar energy company
Modern Outpost has been providing solar energy solutions to residents of the Comox Valley, Vancouver Island, and across Canada since 1998.

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