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Scientific Research Resources

Living Machines

Scientific research organization (about 88 miles away)
Living Machine Technology blends cutting-edge science and engineering with plants and beneficial bacteria to efficiently treat and reuse wastewater, providing lasting water solutions for communities everywhere. Based on the principles of wetland ecology.

E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation

Scientific research website (about 224 miles away)
The mission of the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation is to reimagine the way we care for our planet. The Half-Earth Project inspires informed collective action to save the biosphere. “The Half-Earth proposal offers [a solution] commensurate with...

Extracts of Polypore Mushroom Mycelia Reduce Viruses in Honey Bees

Beekeeping article
A team of scientists from Washington State University headed by Steve Sheppard, the USDA, and Paul Stamets of Fungi Perfecti, reported in October 2018 that a mushroom extract fed to honeybees greatly reduces virus levels. In field trials, colonies...


Health & wellness organization
Non-profit organization formed to organize medical research findings to facilitate evidence-based choices about health interventions faced by health professionals, patients, and policy makers.

The International Journal of the Commons

Sustainability periodical
As an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed open-access journal, the IJC is dedicated to furthering the understanding of institutions for use and management of resources that are (or could be) enjoyed collectively. These resources may be part of the natural...

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