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Home and Family

Holistic family & kinship book.

Excerpts from the Home and Temple Handbook by R. Francis:

PROCREATIVE FAMILY: “The fundamental cradle for the genesis of culture, family cultures procreate the components of village culture.”

AUSPICIOUS PARTNERSHIP: “Making the perfect match— a matter of major consequence for the individual, the family, the neighbourhood and the tribe. Elders and mentors, with foresight and wisdom, assist their relations in discerning destiny’s choice.”

HOME SCHOOLING: “Accepting the responsibility for maintaining integrity, nurturing ethics, protecting, cultivating and validating creativity... growing strength and stability in family.”

THE FAMILY WAY: “The varieties of successful and fulfilling family mandalas bear witness to the diverse spiritual eco-systems of divine love and evolutionary family.”

HOME BIRTH, NATURAL DYING AND THE RIGHTS OF PASSAGE: “In the culture of sacred ways, birthing, conception and dying are matters of the spirit in the context of family life. They are intrinsically matters of individual will and destiny. They deserve the utmost respect and compassion.”

YOUNGERS AND ELDERS: “When the impartial presence of innocence and true understanding is offered honoured and appropriate hospitality, the family may benefit from priceless purity and wisdom.”

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