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One Community

Sustainable community organization.

One Community’s purpose is to help people create a better world by creating a solution model that creates solution-creating models for The Highest Good of All.

One Community is creating open-source blueprints for a sustainable civilization. These plans are designed to demonstrate and inspire, believing in the possibility of sustainable world development if enough people want it and are taught how to create it. For that to happen a working model with widespread appeal must be demonstrated. It should be:

  • Affordable
  • Globally accessible
  • Applicable across a diversity of cultures
  • Created so that normal people with average knowledge and little or no experience can replicate it
  • Created to demonstrate a model of living that is compelling enough that people want to replicate it Created with a marketing engine capable of exposing enough people for the model to become self-replicating

Mission Statement
The mission at One Community is to help people create a better world by demonstrating a more sustainable and enriching way of living and open source everything required for replication.