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The Earth Ship Constitutional Principles

Nontoxic, organic and rights-respecting life honouring standard.

The Earth Ship Constitutional Principles were formulated in 1996 in a collective effort to define a consistent set of global principles which include the recognition of the basic ‘rights’ of ALL life forms, in harmonious balance with human beings.

“LIFE IS MOST PRECIOUS” is the first and most fundamental of these principles.

  • Life Is Most Precious: Each cell in a body is part of the whole body. In the same way, every living being on earth lives by giving and receiving within the living planetary body. Every and all lives and all of their diverse possibilities, fates and destinies are interwoven in the living fabric of life on this planet.
  • Corollary #1: Limitations on Life Destructive Activities - The physical cycles of life and death in nature self-regulate elegantly. We as human beings must be as responsible for keeping the creative and destructive effects of our activities in harmony with the whole of life.
  • Corollary #2: Species Modesty - The human species must work to re-establish its populations at a sustainable level, without the careless or excessive suppression or extinction of other life forms.
  • Corollary #3: Species Diversity - The human population must be supportive of the naturally occurring, harmonious genetic diversity.

“EARTH”—English name for the planet—the ‘host’ planetary being—rock, water, air, fire, body, life, light and spirit—a very common name for a not very commonly appreciated individual—an old, large and, compared to people, very powerful, living being.

“SHIP”—to be in harmonious communion with the presence of...

“EARTH-SHIP”— an awareness—a consciousness—a condition of conscience—an acceptance of necessity—a recognition of a simple and deep truth—a humble agreement with life itself—a covenant of creative evolutionary harmony—a way of life—a way of service—a way of worship—a way of being—in harmony with creation.

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