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Earth Passengers

Life honouring permaculture organization.


Park Gate uses Permaculture is a design system and technology that cleverly uses nature and simulates nature to provide for people's living needs. It is a life attitude and art, and it is a global sustainable life movement that everyone can participate in.

Earth Passengers‘ Permaculture Education Center A developing home and classroom on one hectare of land situated between Dulan Mountain and the Pacific Ocean.

The journey over the past few years has been applying permaculture design to transform a worn-out rice paddy to a thriving garden, food forest and active classroom. A sad monoculture landscape has been slowly transformed into a diverse paradise that supports not only ourselves, but also students, interns, and the thousands of animal, plant, and microbe species that keep this place in constant production. Hosts workshops classes, Permaculture Design Courses and the 2024 International Permaculture Convergence

Permaculture education, Design consultation, Workshops, Solar cooking, Translated permaculture books