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DIY (do it yourself) includes resources for machinery or other items that an individual can build and maintain, and also supports local scale manufacturing by lowering entry barriers and empowering creative local solutions.

DIY Machinery Resources

MechMate CNC Router - Build your own with our detailed plans

Diy machinery tool
A DIY CNC router (or plasma) table


Diy machinery website
Instructables is an online community of people who design and make things, from crafts, cooking, housing, vehicles, machinery and much more — step by step projects submitted from innovators, teachers and life long learners.

How To Build A Geothermal Greenhouse: DIY Geothermal Heating

Geothermal energy article
Water and soil under a garden and backyard area have a massive amount of thermal energy. This energy can easily convert into heat which can be utilized to maintain the day and nighttime temperature fluctuation within a greenhouse and maintains a healthy...

Build Your Own DIY Composting Toilet Cheaply and Easily

Local humanure article
Step by step illustrated instructions from Green Citizen on how to build a composting toilet.

17 Brilliant DIY Wind Turbine Design Ideas For Living Off The Grid

Local wind energy website
DIY wind turbine seems like a daunting project, but wind is a clean, free, and renewable energy source. Check out these DIY wind turbine designs, ideas, and tips to get started in no time!