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Just BioFiber

Durable building materials company.

The Just BioFiber Block building system is based on lego-inspired interlocking hempcrete blocks.

The blocks

  • Are carbon negative to produce,
  • Absorb greenhouse gasses from the air over their lifespan.
  • Have a useful lifespan of 100 - 600 years
  • Are nontoxic and naturally resistant to mold and insects,
  • Non-burnable and fire resistant
  • Cost effective and quick to construct
  • Are highly insinuative (R value is currently being tested)
  • Are load bearing and do not require additional structural members.

Mission Statement
Vision: To make this world sustainable and enhance the quality of life for all living things.

Mission: Bringing Environmental Justice to the world of building materials with products that are sustainable and cost-effective with benefits for the environment, building owners and builders.
green building, construction, hemp, carbon sequestration, non-toxic