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Some form of money or currency is indispensable for a society to support specialization and advanced technology.

Most national currencies are based on a fractional reserve baking systems where money is "created" by central banks issuing loans, the money in turn disappears when these loans are repaid. These central bank loans require interest to be paid in addition to the original capitol, but the money to pay the interest is not "created" when the loan is created, and since the only source of money in this system is central bank loans, another central bank loan is required in order to pay the interest. This self reinforcing cycle of borrowing and interest payment results in the consolidation of assets and wealth with those that control the central banks.

A sustainable society needs a system of exchange that is not based on unsustainable debit money. Many such alternative currencies exist and are in use on a local or global scale.

For a society to transition smoothly to a sustainable currency it must start with a complimentary currency, one that does not entirely replace, but functions along side the conventional money system. As an alternative currency gains acceptance and can be used for transactions with more others it can gradually replace an unsustainable money system.

Alternative currencies have been based on:

For an alternative currency to function effectively the group using it have internal supply/production of basic necessities such as food, housing or energy.

Currency Resources

Community Exchange Systems

The Community Exchange System (CES) is a web service that provides the tools for communities to set up and manage exchange and trade in their areas without using money. It also provides communities with a network that permits them to trade with other...

SEEDS Digital Currency

SEEDS payment platform aims to be digital currency and financial system that serves, rewards and finances the people and organisations committed to creating a healthier and more equitable planet. SEEDS is based on the Telos blockchain and DAO organizational...

Schumacher Center Local Currencies Overview

A basic description of current local currencies being implemented in North America and the UK, with histories and future projections. via the Schumacher Center for a New Economics

Open Credit Network

The Open Credit Network is an open source mutual credit trading networking that enables UK-based customers and suppliers trade with each other without the need for conventional money.

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