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Repairable Designing things to be fixed, rather then discarded, when they break

Electric Vehicles

Considered to be a more sustainable method of transport powered by electricity rather than fossil fuel
Transport Sustainable methods for moving people and things from place to place

Electrically powered vehicles are becoming more affordable and efficient, especially as more sustainable ways to produce electricity are being developed and become more available.

Electric Vehicles Resources


Water purification organization
Clearbot endeavours to imagine and create efficient, autonomous and electric boats that augment different marine services around the world. This electrically powered floating robot uses artificial intelligence to clean trash, plastics and oil from...

Tesla, Inc.

Electric vehicles company
Tesla, Inc. is an American automotive and energy company based in Palo Alto, California. As of 2019, Tesla is one of the most popular electric car manufacturers.

DIY Electric Bike

Electric vehicles website
This Instructables site provides 11 steps that cover the basics of installing, using, and customizing a DIY electric bike conversion kit.