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Gardening Without Irrigation

Sustainable farming & gardening book.

Gardening Without Irrigation by Steve Soloman can help anyone whose garden depends on a limited or undependable well, anyone who gardens on natural rainfall, for any place faced with the possibility of drought.
Originally published by Sasquatch Books a quality west coast publisher specializing in regional books. Their Cascadia Gardening Series is a group of inexpensive, topic-specific books intended for distribution only along the Pacific slope of Washington, Oregon and Northern California, and in the Lower Mainland and Islands of British Columbia. It was released online as Water-wise Gardening in 1997. From the preface by Steve Solomon: "My family depended on the garden for a large percentage of our year-round food supply. I could not risk that while trying out some crack-brained notion that I could grow food without watering it. In the beginning I only had the hope that I could. No one in western Oregon had done so to the best of my knowledge; no one knew how.

So, to write Gardening Without Irrigation I grew two gardens side-by-side: a large "dry" garden and another large one intensive style, on raised beds with lots of irrigation. The "dry" garden was a place where I "grew with one hand tied behind my back" so to speak." 

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