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Permaculture at Tikkum

Life honouring permaculture organization.

Permaculture at Tikkun: A story of radical transformation Fourteen years ago, the 7.5 acres at Tikkun was scrubby, semi-arid land with sparse trees, shrubs and cactus. There were no public services or electricity. Like millions of Mexican households, there was no reliable access to water.
In the early years, with few resources to invest, the focus was on slowly establishing green buildings made of local adobe, powered by solar and wind energy, rainwater harvesting systems, soil building and small gardens

Since 2008 Tikkun Permaculture eco center has become a center for personal and community resilience, and a resource in times of crisis. The farm became a food bank during the COVID 19 pandemic, providing thousands of meals to families in need in the surrounding village. The Home Gardens Project continues to help local families grow their own food. In 2020 we rebuilt the local San Jose public reservoir, which allowed for the reforestation of the area with 1000 donated trees. In 2023, we are working to expand our village-scale water harvesting and reforestation projects throughout the local San Miguel region.

Volunteer, work trade and artist in residence programs available

Mission Statement
Our mission is to build community resilience to climate change through ecological restoration, food and water security.