The Creative Culture Guide [BETA]
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Business & entrepreneurship organization.

Groundswell is an alternative business school where young ideas and budding social entrepreneurs connect and flourish.

Through their Explore, Validate, Build and Test Market programs, Groundswell helps new business owners take the leap into entrepreneurship.

"There’s a huge gap between knowledge and action, and the world needs action. Groundswell is a community of people who will help transform your ideas and inklings into something concrete, actionable, and real. Get moving, the world cannot wait much longer."

Mission Statement
We believe that when people work from their strengths and get the chance to share their unique gift with the world, magic happens.

We give people the confidence, skills, tools and space to find their unique gift and put it to work for themselves and for their communities. For us this means creating social ventures and meaningful livelihoods together. We take a holistic approach to education, and we learn by doing, in real time. This is the action we’re taking together to build the better world we all know is possible.

Are You a Cultural Creative?

Join a community of like-minded individuals collaborating to create a holistic set of guiding principles for sustainable society.

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