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Plants have been the basis for medical treatments throughout all of recorded human history.

Herbalisem focuses on recommending specific plant medicines for healing specific health issues.

While the study of nutrition overlaps with herbalism, herbal medicine focuses on the use of concentrated medicinal plants that may not be a normal food plant.

Much of herbal medecine comes from traditional wisdom and, because it does not offer the same kind of corporate profit as pharmaceutical drug research, has comparatively little funding for large-scale clinical trials. This can make it challenging to scientifically determine or prove its effectiveness, which results in it being criticized as pseudo-scientific in publication-oriented platforms such as wikipedia.

Herbalism Resources

Learning Herbs

Free and paid courses and videos about using herbs and making herbal medicine. Herb mentor professional forum, supplies and kits.

Innisfree Farm

Workshops, Classes and apprenticeship opportunities at Innisfree Farm. A 7 acre site that hosts, horticultural therapy workshops, herbal education classes and the bi annual Vancouver Island Herb gathering.

Fireweed Farm and Herb School

Fireweed Farm is a place where the community can come to learn about herbs, and have access to hard to find medicinal herbs and herbal products. We offer annual & perennial plant starts, seeds, and herbal products such as fresh plant tinctures and herbal...

The Herbalist

Teirney Salter opened The Herbalist in 1984 based on the belief that organically grown and wild-harvested herbs of the highest quality would have a positive effect on people’s health. At a time when herbs were not known for their medicinal properties...

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