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Center for Earth Ethics

Principles & ethics idea.

The Center for Earth Ethics is an educational non-profit that runs programs aimed at transitioning to a society where value is measured according to the sustained well-being of all people and our planet.

The CCE focus on cultivating the public consciousness needed to make changes in policy and culture through programs in the following four areas:


Fostering educational opportunities and dialogue about humanity’s relationship to the rest of the natural world for seminary students, faith leaders and local communities.

Environmental Justice & Civic Engagement

Working at the intersection of social inequity and injustice and the ecological crisis.

Original Caretakers

Honoring, supporting and learning from indigenous knowledge and traditions, especially regarding the spiritual dimensions of our ecological crisis.

Sustainability & Global Affairs

Engaging with policy-makers and civil society in order to bring faith, wisdom and indigenous traditions to bear on the establishment of a new economic development paradigm that is based on long-term well-being of all life on Earth.

ethics, ecology, education, faith, religion