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Collecting rain water from rooftops is a simple and sustainable way of gathering water that can also help soil and water quality by reducing erosion and run-off.

Many buildings are already fitted with gutters that are sufficient for rainwater catchment and all that is required is the installation of one or more collection tanks – a 50 gallon drum can be a good start for home garden use – and pipes diverting down spouts to tanks.

Using rainwater for irrigation

In most cases rainwater collected from roofs can be used directly on gardens during dry weather.

Using rainwater for drinking

Depending on local air quality, rainwater may need to be settled or purified before drinking.

Rainwater Collection Resources

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DIY Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Rainwater collection website
Rainwater harvesting is one of the most self-sufficient and environment friendly methods of using water. This site presents 37 simple DIY ways to collect rainwater.

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