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Friends of the Trees Botanicals

Life honouring permaculture company.

Friends of the Trees Botanicals is based on the Olympic Peninsula and offers over 150 varieties of herbs both cultivated and wildcrafted. The wildcrafted botanicals are sustainably gathered to maintain healthy plant populations. The majority of the herbs are organically grown on the 1/2 acre herb farm at Finnriver Farm & Cidery in Chimacum, WA. It is a complex agroforestry system, which includes a diversity of medicinal herbs, trees, shrubs, hedgerows, berries, vegetables, and culinary herbs. We apply permaculture and restorative land practices. The goal is healthy plants, a healthy ecosystem, and good yields. 25 years of growing leads to high-quality fresh and dried botanicals. Bulk wholesale orders are also available.

medicinal plants, fresh herbs, dried herbs