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A governance method that aims to make practical and effective use of collaboration, self-organization, and distributed authority
Decision Making
Systems of just and sustainable decision making, leadership, responsibility, and regulation

Sociocracy is a governance system designed to protect and apply the values and ideals of a democracy. Unlike most current democracies, it is also a governance structure designed to make sure those values are applied as equally as possible for everyone. It is a social ideal that values equality and the rights of people to determine the conditions under which they live and work, and an effective method of organizing associations, businesses, and governments.

Sociocracy Resources

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Many Voices, One Song

Sociocracy book (about 607 miles away)
A detailed how-to guide to implementing classical sociocracy in organizations of all sizes. Topics covered include consent decision-making, integrating objections, feedback, defining membership, circle structure, meeting processes, role selection and...

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