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Blossoms Raw Chocolate

Local organic food company.

Blossoms Raw Cacao is handcrafted made with organic and wild harvested superfoods. All the chocolates contain superior grade ceremonial cacao hand harvested in the forest of Ecuador. Left to ferment in the sun it retains its full nutritional and antioxidant qualities. The fermentation adds a unique flavor and makes it pro-biotic, unlike other chocolate is roasted at high temperatures which destroys rich enzymes and neurotransmitters.

Blossoms is committed to honoring the rich heritage of the Aztec, Olmec, and Mayan traditions of working with cacao while raising the bar by adding holistic, immunity building herbs and flavors honoring and maintaining the natural plant medicine of the tree.

Mission Statement
Blossoms rose from the idea of enhancing daily nutrition through healthy, vitalizing desserts and chocolate. Making choices about our food and body can set in motion a healthy awakening for ourselves and the planet.
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