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Cooley Farm

Sustainable food store.

Cooley Farm is a permaculture farm dedicated to the healing of mind, body, and spirit for the individual as well as the Earth and Her communities. As a sustainable polyculture farm we strive towards greater awareness concerning the eco-community as well as providing wholesome foods, grown organically in an educational & nurturing environment. This year [2014] we're starting a Pick Your Own produce coop. The cooperation here is You tell us what you want to be on your table, we grow it. Any suggestions appreciated. You can look forward to some time in the sun out in the country with your family & friends getting the freshest fruits, veggies and herbs grown naturally. We grow only with nature's fertilizers, so pesticide is out of the question for food to be eaten when eating is for life prolongment & fulfillment. For basics, we are rowing corn, beans and squash in the three sisters method; watermelons and cantaloupes, strawberries, and of course tomatoes grown with basil.

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