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Nutcracker Nursery

Sustainable farming & gardening company.

We produce and provide hardy nut trees grafted and seedlings that are not easily found in Eastern Canada. The production is a variety of nut trees and fruit producing trees, and a vast range of oak species.

By cultivating indigenous and noble species, Nutcracker Nursery is working at maintaining biodiversity and is promoting, within our society, the importance of cultivating leafy trees that have been forgotten over the decades in our cities and villages.

The plants’ growth is not accelerated with fertilizers containing high levels of nitrogen and/or phosphorus, and we do not use chemical fertilizers. Natural growth rates such as at our plantation sometimes yield smaller trees but make for sturdier plants that have a good equilibrium root/bole. These trees are better able to resist and survive transplanting, and climatic stress such as hot and dry summers, cold winters or poor soil conditions.

Consulting for large-scale planting projects and educational presentations are also available.

Mission Statement
Nutcracker Nursery mission’s is to produce and provide hardy nut trees seedlings and young plants, potted and bare roots that are not easily found in Eastern Canada.
hardy nut trees, native trees, fruit trees, berry bushes