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The School Of Forest Medicine

Continental responsible wildcrafting company.

Healing these interconnected individual, societal, and planetary ailments requires a fundamental shift in the way we relate to life. The School of Forest Medicine’s one-on-one healing sessions, classes, courses, and initiatory trips provide opportunities to help us remember our essential bond with the living world. All of our embodied and participatory learning experiences help us learn to engage intimately with plants, nonhuman beings, and other forms of ecological intelligence. Orientating ourselves in this way fosters the relational orientations to the world necessary for us to become more fully aware humans and better citizens of the community of life on Earth.

Mission Statement
To meet the existential challenges of our times, The School of Forest Medicine is preparing the ground for a more healthy understanding of our human role within the community of life on Earth. As we develop relationships with plants and other nonhuman beings, we cultivate spaces which inspire the emergence of new stories of collective and individual flourishing. We intimately engage with ecological intelligence in order to welcome new patterns of thinking and feeling that will inform the awakening of regenerative lifeways. In these ways we work to support the thriving of individual humans and the Earth system as a whole.
herbal medicine, wildcrafting, education

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