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Music seems to be one of the most ancient forms of creative expression. It is a part of every indigenous culture in the world and a capacity of many animal species. It can heal and inspire. It can be a form of worship. It can transmit knowledge and ideas. It can cohere a group or nation.

Music Resources

IMSLP Petrucci Music Library

Music website (about 114 miles away)
IMSLP (International Music Score Library Project) is an online repository of free and public domain sheet music with over 145,146 works, including many iconic classical pieces, freely available to anyone. Launched in 2006, the IMSLP MediaWiki website...

Rise Up Singing

Music book (about 349 miles away)
Rise Up Singing is a group singing songbook containing lyrics, chords and sources to 1200 songs from a wide variety of genres from Beatles to Broadway, from Bob Dylan to traditional ballads. It has sold around a million copies since it came out in 1988...

Luke Wallace

Continental music artist
Luke Wallace is a folk musician and coastal advocate from Coast Salish Territory, Canada. Luke's music is a platform for the voices of communities organizing to protect the systems that help them thrive.

Climate Music Project

Music organization
Combining the talents and expertise of world class scientists, composers, musicians, artists, and technology visionaries, the Climate Music Project enables the creation and staging of science-guided music and visual experiences to inspire people to engage...


Continental music group
Awakeneers’ music centres around honest vocals sweetened with multi-part harmonies and supported by rich acoustic instrumentation. The nomadic band of multi-instrumentalist songwriters segues seamlessly from a foot-stomping fiddle tune to a hip-hop...

Musicians without Borders

Music organization
An organization dedicated to "using the power of music to bridge divides, connect communities, and heal the wounds of war." Musicians without Borders runs music programs in conflict areas in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.