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Sustainable Living Stack Exchange
Sustainable Living Stack Exchange is a fact based question and answer website dedicated to questions about living an ecologically sustainable lifestyle that can be maintained indefinitely without depleting the earth's resources.

Sustainable methods of cultivating, collecting, storing, and preparing food. Second only to air and water, food is among the most fundamental human needs. However, more so then breathing air or drinking water, acquiring food has a significant and partially unavoidable impact on other living beings....

Best practices for sustainable agriculture.

Gift Ecology: Reimagining A Sustainable World
Written by Peter Denton, 'Gift Economy' proposes that to create a sustainable future, we need to change the game itself. We cannot simply try to solve our problems one at a time. Instead, we need to reimagine sustainability in all its dimensions — social, cultural, environmental and economic — to...

Communitecture is a full service architecture firm for commercial and residential projects based out of Portland, Oregon. Focusing on beautiful and sustainable places that bring people together in community and push the ecological design envelope.

Sustainable Apparel Coalition
The SAC is an alliance of clothing companies aiming to reduce the negative effects of the apparel, footwear, and textile industry through standardized measurement of the ecological and social impact of manufacturing.

Sacred Garden Sanctuary
Sacred Garden Sanctuary is an intentional community dedicated to sustainable farming and lifestyle.

Forest Stewardship
Sustainable management of forest ecosystems.

Creative Culture guidelines for holistically positive global ecosystem impact ### Life Honoring Compassionately responsible for impacts on all living beings. ### Sustainable Only using sustainably renewable resource and energy sources. ### Efficient Minimal resource and energy use. ### Fair ...

Creative Culture
Best practices for an enlightened and sustainable society.

Fulfilling local needs with local resources. Avoiding long distance transportation is essential to an efficient sustainable society. Transportation accounts for more then 1/4 of global energy use and emissions.

Decision Making & Governance
Systems of just, sustainable and enlightened decision making, leadership, responsibility, and regulation.

Aphrodite's Organic Cafe and Pie Shop
Aphrodite’s is more than a restaurant and pie shop, it’s a community fiercely dedicated to wild, organic, local and sustainable food. They work directly with local farms and producers to ensure that their menu has the smallest ecological footprint possible. They're a home for the sustainable food...

David Suzuki Foundation
Co-founded by David Suzuki, award-winning geneticist and broadcaster... He is widely recognized as a world leader in sustainable ecology. "Through evidence-based research, policy analysis, education and citizen empowerment, we conserve and protect the natural environment to create a sustainable Canada....

Electric Vehicles
Electric vehicles are considered a more sustainable method of transport than fossil fuel powered vehicles. At this time most electricity is produced in unsustainable ways, but there are more sustainable ways to produce electricity being developed.

O.U.R. Ecovillage
Located on 25 acres near Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia, O.U.R. ECOVILLAGE began with a vision to create a model demonstration sustainable village community rooted in social, ecological, and economic well being. O.U.R. Ecovillage is the host site for O.U.R Community Association, a registered nonprofit...

Atlan Center
Atlan provides sanctuary for the creation of sustainable culture through the holistic integration of healing, art, and design. Our village demonstrates permaculture and regenerative principles while engaging a network of resonant communities.

Sustainable methods for moving people and things from place to place.

The Spirit Level
The Spirit Level is a collation of research from hundreds of independent scientific publications showing how and why people in more (economically) equal societies live longer, healthier, happier and more ecologically sustainable lives they then people in societies that are less equal. The book, released...

The Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA) is an international organization focused on Zero Waste standards, policies and best practices. The ZWIA Charter Principles are: 1. Convert waste to resources for the benefits of local production and the creation of a sustainable society. 2. Redesign products...

Systems of exchange that are independent from unsustainable debt economics. Some form of money or currency is indispensable for a society to support specialization and advanced technology. Most national currencies are based on a fractional reserve baking systems where money is "created" by central...

Sources of energy for human use.

Capital Region Food and Agriculture Initiatives Roundtable
Promoting healthy and sustainable food systems through networking events and education in the Capital Region of Vancouver Island. Hosts an annual Farmer2farmer regional conference and quarterly events.

Swedish Stockings
We believe the world needs more innovative and environmentally conscious products to lead the way, and so Swedish Stockings was launched. A forerunner in sustainably produced nylon stockings, Swedish Stockings produce beautiful pantyhose from recycled yarn. Our factories engage in sustainable practices...

Inhabitant Magazine
Inhabitat® is a green design and lifestyle site that provides coverage of environmental news and the latest in sustainable design. The website is devoted to the future of design, innovative technology and architectural that emphasize energy efficiency, sustainability and connection to the surrounding...

Building Materials
Sustainable building/construction materials

Farm the Land, Grow the Spirit
Stony Point Center's Farm the Land, Grow the Spirit Summer Institute is a multifaith earthcare program for young adults between the ages of 19 and 29. The program integrates multifaith study in the Jewish, Islamic, and Christian traditions with sustainable agriculture and intentional community living.

Parliament of the World's Religions
"The Parliament of the World's Religions was created to cultivate harmony among the world's religious and spiritual communities and foster their engagement with the world and its guiding institutions in order to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world."

New Society Publishers
New Society Publishers is an activist, solutions-oriented publisher focused on publishing books as tools to help build a new society. Their books focus on tools and insights from leading experts in a range of subjects, including sustainable building, homesteading, climate change, environment, conscientious...

IDEAL Society
Shared collective life in the beautiful mountains of southeastern British Columbia forms an experimental framework and environment in which to grow in harmony with nature, while contributing to the well-being of the group and larger community in a spirit of sustainable development.

David Holmgren
Co-originator (1978) of Permaculture design system for sustainable living and land use, ecological builder and farmer, author, teacher and activist.

The Earth Charter
The Earth Charter is an ethical framework for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society in the 21st century. It seeks to inspire in all people a new sense of global interdependence and shared responsibility for the well-being of the whole human family, the greater community of life, and...

Creekside Coop
Elkins Park sustainable food store.

Arroyo Food Coop
Pasadena sustainable food store.

Granary Food Co-op
Ortonville sustainable food store.

Portland Food Co-op
Portland sustainable food store.

Chatam Marketplace
Pittsboro sustainable food store.

Rainbow Grocery Co-op
San Francisco sustainable food store.

Moonflower Community Cooperative
Moab sustainable food store.

Harvest Co-op Markets
Jamaica Plain sustainable food store.

Lost River Market & Deli
Paoli sustainable food store.

SLO Natural Foods Coop
San Luis Obispo sustainable food store.

Rochester Good Food Co-op
Rochester sustainable food store.

Main Market Co-Op
Spokane sustainable food store.

Valley Food Co-op
Alamosa sustainable food store.

City Foods Co-op
Lafayette sustainable food store.

Bread and Roses Food Cooperative
Tallahassee sustainable food store.

Ideal Green Market Cooperative
Natural food coop providing local, sustainable and healthy food and products to the residents and visitors to the Brainerd Lakes/Whitefish area.

The Dill Pickle Co-op
Dill Pickle Food Co-op offers healthy food choices and the benefits of cooperative practice to build a vibrant local community and more sustainable world. We meet community needs and strengthen area diversity through products, services, and education. Like others around the world, our co-op adheres to...

Just Local Food Cooperative
Eau Claire sustainable food store.

Pogue's Run Grocer
Indianapolis sustainable food store.

Menomonie Market Food Co-op
Menomonie sustainable food store.

Sierra Vista Food Cooperative
Sierra Vista sustainable food store.

Dubuque Food Co-op
Dubuque sustainable food store.

Byron Bay Harvest
Wellesley Hills sustainable food store.

Natural Abundance Food Co-op
Aberdeen sustainable food store.

Vancouver Food Cooperative
Vancouver sustainable food store.

New Orleans Food Co-op
New Orleans sustainable food store.

Chatham Real Food Market Co-op
Chatham sustainable food store.

Honest Weight Food Coop
Albany sustainable food store.

Placerville Natural Food Co-op
Placerville sustainable food store.

Northwind Natural Foods Co-op
Ironwood sustainable food store.

Tacoma Food Co-operative
Tacoma sustainable food store.

Breadroot Natural Foods Co-op
Rapid City sustainable food store.

Spiral Natural Foods Co-op & Grocery
Hastings sustainable food store.

Co-op Market Grocery & Deli
Fairbanks sustainable food store.

BriarPatch Co-op Natural Foods Community Market
Grass Valley sustainable food store.

Salem Food Cooperative
Salem sustainable food store.

New Leaf Market Co-Op
Tallahassee sustainable food store.

Park Slope Food Co-op
Brooklyn sustainable food store.

Food Front Cooperative Grocery
Portland sustainable food store.

Yelm Food Co-op
Yelm sustainable food store.

Mississippi Market Natural Foods Co-op
Saint Paul sustainable food store.

Green Tree Grocery
Mount Pleasant sustainable food store.

No-dig Gardening Basics from Deep Green Permaculture
No-dig gardening is a highly productive method of using compost, mulch, microbes, vermiculture and know-how to create usable, sustainable and earth friendly gardens.

Gregg L. Friedman MD Organic Coop
Hallandale sustainable food store.

Movement Global
Movement Global sells eco clothing made in Canada from sustainable bamboo fabrics.

Harvard Divinity School
Harvard Divinity School hosted an interfaith conference addressing the issues and challenges of maintaining a sustainable planet. Focusing on ways to engage, this conference examined the overlapping moral issues of climate change, sustainability, social justice, and mindfulness through the lenses of...

Spirit Square Farmers market
The Spirit Square Farmers' Market is held every Saturday morning from 9 a.m. to 12 noon,in Spirit Square at the picturesque Harbour Quay, year round. Our purpose is to connect urban customers with local farmers to supply the best fresh,locally grown food available and to advocate for a viable and sustainable...

Vancouver Island Fibershed
Vancouver Island Fibershed (VIF) is establishing a network between farmers and fibre consumers to build a local textile economy. VIF is part of the growing Fibreshed movement in North America, Europe and Australia that supports small-scale sustainable textile industries. VIF’s geographic scope encompasses...

Alderlea Farm Café
Farm to Table cuisine from a biodynamic farm contributing to sustainable agricultural practices.

Summerhill Pyramid Winery
Summerhill Pyramid Winery features organic and biodynamic wine grown in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in Kelowna, British Columbia. Through their leadership on organic and sustainable growing practices, Summerhill has helped support or convert over 200 hundred acres of vineyard land in the Okanagan.

The Green Mama
Website, blog, and book(s) dedicated to supporting sustainable and nontoxic parenting.

WildCraft Ecovillage
A unique experimental, off-grid Intentional Community that is based on the principles of Permaculture, Sustainable Concepts, and healthy Intentional Community Design.

Southwest Sufi Community
NM sustainable community eco village.

Hickory Nut Forest Eco-Community
Sustainable Living in a community of ?forever-wild ?lands, green-?solar ?homes, ?organic gardens/orchard, and renewable energy from solar and water. Nestled in the beautiful Southern Appalachian Mountains near Asheville, North Carolina.

Enough Is Enough by Rob Dietz and Dan O’Neill
Enough Is Enough: Building a Sustainable Economy in a World of Finite Resources' is a book that - summarize the scientific evidence that the pursuit of continuous economic growth is not a good idea and looks at what constitutes desirable levels of population and consumption. - explains how in a steady-state...

Coastal Roots Farm
Coastal Roots Farm cultivates healthy, connected communities by integrating sustainable agriculture, food justice, and ancient Jewish wisdom.

Camino / La Siembra Coop
Camino is a line of organic and fair trade food products (especially chocolate) produced by La Siembra Co-operative aiming to reconnect consumers with family farmers and promote the co-operative model of sustainable, democratic, participatory and transparent business operations.

Purple Dragon Co-op
Glen Ridge sustainable food store.

Community Food Co-op
Bozeman sustainable food store.

Nature's Exchange
Aberdeen sustainable food store.

Keller Texas Produce Co-op
Keller sustainable food store.

Puget Consumers' Co-op - Greenlake
Seattle sustainable food store.

Rich Harvest
Boone sustainable food store.

SOIL - Stewards of Irreplaceable Land -
SOIL links Canadian farmers willing to take on and train apprentices with people wanting to work and learn on an organic farm using sustainable practices. Founded in 1989 it is the only national farm apprenticeship program in Canada, with more than 75 farms participating.

Organic Standards Candian Regulations
"Organic production is a holistic system designed to optimize the productivity and fitness of diverse communities within the agro-ecosystem, including soil organisms, plants, livestock and people. The principal goal of organic production is to develop operations that are sustainable and harmonious with...

Renaissance Community Co-op
Greensboro sustainable food store.

PLACE - People Linking Art Community & Ecology
PLACE is a public-serving, experiential learning center to showcase and foster sustainable living practices, urban homesteading, community resiliency & preparedness, social justice and artistic expression. Their goal is to incubate a local sustainability hub to allow people to see solutions in practice;...

Port Orford Community Co-op
Port Orford sustainable food store.

Ypsilanti Food Co-op
Ypsilanti sustainable food store.

Organic Gardener's Pantry
Victoria, BC business providing Canada with organic fertilizers for soil and plants - including microbial inoculants and biostimulants - for the promotion of healthy, sustainable ecosystems.

Environment Celebration Institute
ECI offers online classes on biological, regenerative, sustainable and organic agriculture – information that can be used in soil, hydroponic, or soilless growing systems.

Still Eagle
Eco shop specializing in hemp, bamboo, organic cotton, and soy clothing, natural and hemp body products, hemp and recycled paper, as well as sustainable, environmentally friendly home products.

Seventh Generation
Seventh Generation is a Vermont-based public benefit corporation that sells sustainable, environmentally-friendly cleaning, paper, and personal care products.  

City Folk Farm Folk
FarmFolk CityFolk is a not for profit society that works to cultivate a local, sustainable food system. Our projects provide access to & protection of foodlands; support local growers and producers; and engage communities in the celebration of local food. Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada Huge resource...

Schumacher Center for a New Economics
Founded in 1980 the Schumacher Center for a New Economics works to envision the elements of a just and sustainable global economy; undertakes to apply these elements in its home region of the Berkshires in western Massachusetts; and then develops the educational programs to share the results more broadly,...

Peoples Food Coop
Grocer offering local, organic & sustainable food items plus an on-site, year-round farmer's market. "We cultivate strong relationships with the food we eat, the people who produce it, and the friends and family we share it with. We strive to buy directly from farmers and food producers whenever possible,...

Solar Cities
Solar Cities is an international platform with the intention of providing an open-source virtual hackspace for Biogas Innoventors and Practitioners and training for all those researching, developing and deploying sustainable solutions for flourishing societies.

Marnie’s Books
An independent book store on Cortes Island with a great selection of books, including many titles on sustainable living, social justice, and environmentalism. The store is solar powered and wood heated.

Deep Roots Market
Greensboro sustainable food store.

Mother Earth News
About MOTHER EARTH NEWS The most popular and longest-running sustainable-lifestyle magazine, MOTHER EARTH NEWS provides wide-ranging, expert editorial coverage of organic foods, country living, green transportation, renewable energy, natural health, and green building.

Rawganique makes chemical-free, allergy-free, vegan ethically made sustainable organic clothing and home products.

Earth Mountain Edcuation Farm
Sustainable community eco village in Weston, United States.

A creative ecovillage project focused on sustainable off-grid living.

Linnaea Farm
Linnaea Farm is a 314 acre Organic Land Trust located on Cortes Island dedicated to sustainable agriculture, ecology and education.

Worldwatch Institute
Through research and outreach that inspire action, the Worldwatch Institute works to accelerate the transition to a sustainable world that meets human needs. The Institute's top mission objectives are universal access to renewable energy and nutritious food, expansion of environmentally sound jobs and...

Berkshire Co-op Market
Great Barrington sustainable food store.

Hanover Co-op: Lebanon
Lebanon sustainable food store.

Market Street Co-Op
Fort Kent sustainable food store.

Jersey City Food Co-Operative
Jersey City sustainable food store.

Sweet Grass Food Co-op
Douglas sustainable food store.

Colville North Country Co-op
Colville sustainable food store.

Durango Natural Foods
Durango sustainable food store.

Riverbend Market Cooperative
Red Wing sustainable food store.

Healthy Foods Co-op
Lexington sustainable food store.

Duluth Whole Foods Co-op
Duluth sustainable food store.

Glut Food Co-op
Mount Rainier sustainable food store.

Madison Market/Central Co-op
Seattle sustainable food store.

Blue Springs Food Club
Blue Springs sustainable food store.

Potsdam Consumer Co-op
Potsdam sustainable food store.

Marquette Food Co-op
Marquette sustainable food store.

Touchstone Bakery
Seattle sustainable food store.

Neighborhood Natural Foods Coop
Ashland sustainable food store.

Ossian sustainable food store.

Trillium Natural Foods Community Co-op
Mount Horeb sustainable food store.

City Market - Onion River Co-op
Burlington sustainable food store.

Just Food Co-op
Northfield sustainable food store.

Viola Food Co-op
Viola sustainable food store.

Rising Tide Co-op
Damariscotta sustainable food store.

Puget Consumers' Co-op - West Seattle
Seattle sustainable food store.

Summercorn Foods
Fayetteville sustainable food store.

Eats Natural Foods Co-op
Blacksburg sustainable food store.

Chico Natural Foods
Chico sustainable food store.

Springfield Food Co-op
Springfield sustainable food store.

Crow Wing Food Co-op
Brainerd sustainable food store.

Flatbush Food Cooperative
Brooklyn sustainable food store.

Energy Storage
Sustainable methods of storing energy over time.

Seed Saving
Although purchasing store-bought seed on an annual basis has become the norm, saving and sharing seeds is an essential part of a sustainable local food system.

Bicycling is a very efficient and sustainable method of human transport.

Otter Creek Food Co-op
Vergennes sustainable food store.

Straddle Creek Food Co-op
Mount Carroll sustainable food store.

Community Store Co-op
Frederick sustainable food store.

Bloomingfoods Near West Side
Bloomington sustainable food store.

Bolinas Peoples Store
Bolinas sustainable food store.

Salal Cafe
Port Townsend sustainable food store.

Puget Consumers' Co-op - Redmond
Redmond sustainable food store.

West Orlando Healthy Families
Orlando sustainable food store.

Ozark Natural Foods Co-op
Fayetteville sustainable food store.

Viroqua Food Cooperative
Viroqua sustainable food store.

Lakewinds Natural Foods
Minnetonka sustainable food store.

Plum Creek Food Co-op
Windom sustainable food store.

Upstate Food Co-op
Six Mile sustainable food store.

Co-opportunity Consumers Co-op
Santa Monica sustainable food store.

Tonasket Natural Foods Co-op
Tonasket sustainable food store.

Fresh Life Natural Food Coop
Chattanooga sustainable food store.

Willy Street Co-op
Madison sustainable food store.

Jumplight Farms
Lake Worth sustainable food store.

River Market Community Co-op
Stillwater sustainable food store.

Riverwest Co-op Grocery & Café
Milwaukee sustainable food store.

Ukiah Natural Foods
Ukiah sustainable food store.

Plainfield Coop
Plainfield sustainable food store.

Mountain View Market
Las Cruces sustainable food store.

Trinity United Church of Christ
Akron sustainable food store.

Wholistic Food Options
Norwich sustainable food store.

Castine Co-op
Castine sustainable food store.

Winnetoon Mall Co-op
Winnetoon sustainable food store.

Higher Ground
Cornelia sustainable food store.

Mountain People's Market
Morgantown sustainable food store.

Mixed Nuts
Amherst sustainable food store.

East End Food Co-op
Pittsburgh sustainable food store.

Monroe Good Food Group
Monroe sustainable food store.

Kent Natural Foods Co-op
Kent sustainable food store.

French Broad Food Co-op
Asheville sustainable food store.

Mariposa Co-op
Philadelphia sustainable food store.

Valley Natural Foods Co-op
Burnsville sustainable food store.

La Montanita Food Co-op: Gallup
Gallup sustainable food store.

Basic Cooperative
Janesville sustainable food store.

Natural Foods Market & Buyers Co-op
Pueblo sustainable food store.

Oldfort Co-op
Cleveland sustainable food store.

Good Earth Market
Billings sustainable food store.

Outpost Natural Foods Co-op
Milwaukee sustainable food store.

Affiliated Food Co-op, Inc.
Norfolk sustainable food store.

Boise Consumer Co-op
Boise sustainable food store.

Hartland's Nutrition Connection Cooperative
Hartland sustainable food store.

Pocatello Co-op
Pocatello sustainable food store.

Greater Baker Food Co-op
Baker City sustainable food store.

Three Rivers Market
Knoxville sustainable food store.

Wheatsville Food Co-op
Austin sustainable food store.

Nutshell Co-op
Wardsboro sustainable food store.

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