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Lost Valley Educational Center

Creative culture organization.

Lost Valley Educational Center is a non-profit 501(c)3 in Dexter, Oregon, 20 minutes east of Eugene. They take a holistic approach to sustainability education, engaging students in ecological, social, and personal growth. The center is host to an intentional community inspired by Sociocracy and guided by the avenues for achieving the mission of the non-profit. The community is comprised of resident staff, other renters, and volunteers. Since 1989, Lost Valley has been a place for experiential learning through participation in community development, formalized educational programs, and volunteer opportunities.

The programs have included: Permaculture Design Course Certification, Holistic Sustainability Semester, Social Forestry Workshop, gardening, natural building, festivals, benefits, meditation retreats, seminars, and concerts. It is a unique retreat and conference facility offering two dormitories, multiple kitchens, sacred space indoor and out, Nature Center with labeled trails, and a diverse eco-system. Many of the events have an educational focus.

Mission Statement
Educate the general public in the practical application of sustainable living skills ~ including, but not limited to, personal growth skills such as maintaining health of body and mind, social skills such as communication and governance, and ecological skills such as farming and forestry.

Mission: Serve as a regional and national model in land stewardship, sustainable living, and community development by providing information, resources and expertise.