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Soil Building
Enhancing and restoring the quality and health of soil Soil is much more then dirt. Healthy soil is a dynamic ecosystem teaming with life and rich in nutriments.

Soil Biota Enhancment
Optimizing soil health and productivity by cultivating symbiotic microorganisms Healthy soil is an ecosystem in which millions of creatures live and interact. There can be more creatures in a teaspoonful of healthy soil than there are people on the entire planet earth, and contain up to 50,000 different...

Soil Food Web Laboratory Technicians
The soil food web is an integral part of healthy soil. SFW Lab-Techs examines soil samples under a microscope to determine the diversity of biology in your soil. Technicians can determine the balance of organisms and make recommendations for improving the soil's food web. SFW Lab-Techs are certified...

RootShoot Soils
RootShoot Soils is an independent agriculture consulting agency and extension service based in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. They are a formally recognized soil food web lab by the Soil Food Web Inc. Consultation services provide guidance on enriching and diversifying your soil's biology for...

How a Brix Meter enables you to look after your soil
Meters for Modern Farmers from The Meter Man - David von Pein Obtaining optimum prices by looking after your soil Text of an article based on an interview with David von Pein "Farmers are recognising the need to continually monitor the health of both plants and the soil to ensure their produce is...

Holistic Orchard Network Soil Health
Soil Health: one of a series of research pages from the Holistic Orchard Network

Calcium in Soil: How It Helps Plants
Most gardens have calcium in soil blends or native soils, but what does it do? This dives deep into what calcium provides for plant growth.

Soil Health Labs
The aim is to help farmers, researchers & conservationists better understand healthy, functioning soils. The team has a proven track record of soil and crop research. We’ve partnered with producers, researchers and NRCS reps around the country, learning and collecting data from all different types...

Teaming With Microbes
This book introduces the non scientist to the significance of the soil biota at and the symbiotic relationship with plants. Written by Jeff Lowenfels and Wayne Lewis it points towards gardening in a way that strengthens, rather than destroys, the soil food web and the complex world of soil-dwelling organisms...

"Secrets of the Soil"
Secrets of the Soil tells the fascinating story of the innovative, nontraditional, often surprising things that certain scientists, farmers, and mystics are doing to save our planet - such as using the techniques of Rudolf Steiner's biodynamic agriculture with its reliance on ethereal forces from the...

Building soil and sequestering carbon with charred wood

SOIL - Stewards of Irreplaceable Land -
SOIL links Canadian farmers willing to take on and train apprentices with people wanting to work and learn on an organic farm using sustainable practices. Founded in 1989 it is the only national farm apprenticeship program in Canada, with more than 75 farms participating.

The transformation of organic "waste" into enhanced soil. Composting is fundamental to sustainable farming and sustainable waste management. It is the natural process of bacteria, fungi, animals, and plants breaking down organic matter into the complex mixture known generally as dirt. The human's main...

Kiss the Ground
Kiss the Ground is a feature-length documentary focusing on regenerating the world’s soils. It shows that it's possible to rapidly stabilize Earth’s climate, restore lost ecosystems and create abundant food supplies through regenerative agriculture.

Optimizing resilience by including diverse elements in a system Natural and human systems are more resilient to change when they include diversity. For example, mono-culture farm crops are vulnerable to predators and disease and have deleterious long term effect on soil quality in ways that inter-planted...

Rainwater Collection
Collecting and storing rain Collecting rain water from rooftops is a simple and sustainable way of gathering water that can also help soil and water quality by reducing erosion and run-off. Many buildings are already fitted with gutters that are sufficient for rainwater catchment and all that is required...

The ancient art of safely transforming human waste into fertile garden soil with the help of aerobic bacteria. The correct mix of carbon material (sawdust, straw, dry grass or leaves, etc.) moisture, and human manure leads to an aerobic, high temperature composting process that eliminates harmful pathogens...

Terra Flora Soilworks
Terra Flora Soilworks provides a variety of products to build living soil; including compost worms and castings, vermicompost systems, bokashi compost setup, and supplies. Additional products include mulch mixes, mineral-based soil amendments, and consulting.

Regeneration Canada
A Montreal-based NGO focused on soil ecosystem regeneration to address climate change, biodiversity loss, and other effects of degraded ecosystems.

Régénération Canada
The term “regenerative” refers to a process – the process of improving one’s state. With regenerative agriculture, the journey improves the state of the soil, of the ecosystem overall, of the climate, and of human health. Regenerative agriculture’s benefits are far-reaching. However, at...

Root Rescue
Root Rescue contains many species of fungi used as inoculants for annual, perennials shrubs and trees to enhance the mycorrhizal community in the plant-soil interface. Benefits can include greater transplanting success, more drought tolerance, and reduced fertilizer use. The Root Rescue transplanter...

Environment Celebration Institute
ECI offers online classes on biological, regenerative, sustainable and organic agriculture – information that can be used in soil, hydroponic, or soilless growing systems.

Organic Gardener's Pantry
Victoria, BC business providing Canada with organic fertilizers for soil and plants - including microbial inoculants and biostimulants - for the promotion of healthy, sustainable ecosystems.

US Department of Agriculture Organic Regulations
The USDA organic regulations describe organic agriculture as the application of a set of cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that support the cycling of on-farm resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity. These include maintaining or enhancing soil and water quality;...

Auto Composter
Auto aerated and watered large compost pile demo. Using a perforated pipe, a bounce house blower, wire mesh, and drip hoses, Matt Powers demonstrates a short time-lapse of building of an auto compost pile.

Real Organic Project
Real Organic Project is a grassroots, farmer-led movement and add-on label created to distinguish soil-grown and pasture-raised products under USDA organic. Industrial powers are changing the definition of USDA organic. Real organic farmers are struggling to compete in a dishonest marketplace. Eaters...

Vermiculture (worm composting)
A basic how-to and why-to use vermiculture to enhance compost and soil health; techniques, methods and benefits From the libraries of Mother Earth News.

Recompose offers an alternative choice to cremation and conventional burial methods. Our service - recomposition - gently converts human remains into soil, so that we can nourish new life after we die.

Tatlo Road Farm
Certified Organic since 2014 and offering Vegetables and Vegetable Transplants, Herbs, Strawberries and Soil Microgreens.

Organic Standards Candian Regulations
"Organic production is a holistic system designed to optimize the productivity and fitness of diverse communities within the agro-ecosystem, including soil organisms, plants, livestock and people. The principal goal of organic production is to develop operations that are sustainable and harmonious with...

Kloverdalen Farm
A mixed vegetable certified organic farm operationing in the Comox Valley, BC. Natural and minimally invasive farming practices, respect for the natural systems and supporting the soil. Crops include organic seedlings, a long list of spring, summer and fall vegetables, herbs and flowers. Bulk crops...

Northstar Organics
We’re committed to farming organically and sustainably for a healthier, happier community. Composting, cover cropping, and crop rotation techniques are used to sustain the soil. Pest control is achieved through preventative measures such as screening and covering crops against pests and introducing...

Whaletown Garden Centre
The Whaletown Garden Centre offers organic seeds, hand tools, garden supplies, bagged mulches and manures, soil mineral powders, and mixed organic fertilizers, compost tea brewing kits and hydroponic materials are included. From early spring until late fall vegetable starts, perennial herbs, and flowers...

How To Build A Geothermal Greenhouse: DIY Geothermal Heating
Water and soil under a garden and backyard area have a massive amount of thermal energy. This energy can easily convert into heat which can be utilized to maintain the day and nighttime temperature fluctuation within a greenhouse and maintains a healthy humidity level throughout the whole year inside...

Long Wind Farm began in 1984 with Dave Chapman and a team of oxen. For three decades, they have provided New England with truly delicious and organic tomatoes. Grown in Vermont soil in glass greenhouses, the tomatoes are available as early as March and as late as December each year. Dave Chapman is...

Hügelkultur Bed – A Natural Way to Garden
Learn how you can make old rotting wood useful to build your garden soil in a Hügelkultur bed. YouTube video demonstration included!

Agricultural meters, probes, tools & instruments
Quality agricultural meters at competitive prices. A huge range of innovative farm, agricultural, and horticultural meters, probes, instruments, tools and resources with the bonus of personal and experienced service resources from The Meter Man - David von Pein Soil, Water & Plant Sap Health, Moisture...

Singing Frogs Farm
Singing Frogs Farm is a unique, no-till, ecologically beneficial, highly intensive vegetable farm in Sonoma County, California. The regenerative farming practices build soil carbon while bringing back tremendous, healthy populations of pollinators, beneficial insects, and vertebrates. Less water is...

Utah State University Extension Permaculture
Permaculture is more than a list of techniques. In Utah's dry climate, wise water use, soil care, reversing the effects of deforestation, increasing food security, and adapting to and mitigating projected impacts of climate change are emphasized. A permaculture mindset approaches the world with a holistic...

4 Berry Bushes that Fertilize, Too!
Permaculture gardeners look for plants that are multifunctional. These berry bushes can fix nitrogen in the soil while providing edible berries.

Permaculture Design for Slope
Designing for slope in a permaculture system is a key aspect for being in beneficial relationships with water, soil, warm and cold air flows, forests, gardens, and the appropriate placement of all elements. This video is an animated summary of much of the information on slope provided by Bill Mollison...

Forstbauer Farm
Forstbauer Family Natural Food Farm uses Biodynamic farming methods and follows a soil food web approach. Founded in 1977 the Forstbauer farm is a certified organic farm in Chilliwack British Colombia, farmed using Biodynamic principals and certified through the Biodynamic society of BC (demeter) and...

The Global Earth Repair Foundation
Global Earth Repair is about building a grass-roots, locally-managed restoration mass movement to regreen the planet and recarbonize the soil.  The organization was founded by Michael Pilarski in 2019 with the first Global Earth Repair Conference held in Port Townsend Washington bringing together...

Quantum Agriculture
Quantum Agriculture, refers to a new, evolving method of agriculture that applies the last century of discoveries in quantum physics and quantum biology to scientifically growing food of the highest quality. Quantum Agriculture not only considers the chemistry and life of the soil biology, but also...

Eternal Abundance
Eternal Abundance is an all-organic grocer and vegan cafe with strong ethics around food soil, and community.

C-Dar BiodynamicSociety
Our objective is to study, produce, and apply biodynamic preparations and compost to restore and nurture pastures, forests and gardens, in order to obtain high quality food and produce.

COABC-Certified Organic Associations of BC
COABC is the umbrella organic certification organization of BC; maintaining and distributing and educating on the certified organic standards for BC. Included on the site is a how-to apply for certification, a searchable database of registered organic producers, guides of market sales, farming, animal...

Balkan Ecology Project
The Balkan Ecology Project is a permaculture-inspired, grassroots project based in South Eastern Europe, Bulgaria. It is a family-run project - Paul, Sophie and their two boys Dylan and Archie. Founded 2010 the Balkan Ecology Project aims to develop and promote practices that provide nutritious affordable...

Iron gardening tools versus copper gardening tools: What we were never taught
Viktor Schauberger was invited by King Boris of Bulgaria to examine the reasons for the great decline in that country's farming production during the 1930'S. The conclusion drawn from these observations was that another material other than iron should be used for farming equipment. His attention focused...

Young Agrarians
Growing the next generation of farmers and food lovers in Canada!

BC Organic Grower magazine
Published quarterly by Organic BC, the magazine features contributions from organic growers, researchers, educators and professionals from around the province. Started in 1999 the magazine is produced by COABC.

Hugelkultur gardening/rotting wood garden beds
An in-depth look at the hugelkultur method; instructions, benefits, photos, videos.

EarthEasy Guide to Composting
An easy-to-follow practical guide for learning how to compost, including free-standing piles and container type methods

Healthyway Natural Foods
A natural food store and cafe in Campbell River, B.C.

Blue Jay Lake Organic Farm & Community
Blue Jay Lake farm is a 300 acre property nestled in Green Valley in the heart of Cortes Island which was formerly an early 1900's homestead. At the time the land was purchased by the Verschuurs in 1990, the only infrastructure (amongst an abundance of forests, fields, bluffs, swamps and three lakes)...

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