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non toxic

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Without containing or producing harmful pollutants.

Methods and resources for cleaning without toxic chemicals ## Non-toxic Disinfectant Cleaners **Vinegar** Advantages: Inexpensive, Readily and locally available. Disadvantages: Strong and lasting odor. **Lemon Juice** Advantages: Disadvantages: Not locally available in northern climates....

For areas accessible by water sailboats can efficiently transport people and large quantities of other goods using no fossil fuels and, if care is taken in choosing non-toxic materials, with a minimum environmental impact.

EcoNest provides resources and training for building natural homes using timber frame and clay-straw. EcoNests are designed to be long lasting sustainable and ecological homes incorporating timber-frame, straw-clay walls, earth plasters, and natural non-toxic finishes.

Just BioFiber
The Just BioFiber Block building system is based on lego-inspired interlocking hempcrete blocks. The blocks - Are carbon negative to produce, - Absorb greenhouse gasses from the air over their lifespan. - Have a useful lifespan of 100 - 600 years - Are nontoxic and naturally resistant to mold and...

The Green Mama
Website, blog, and book(s) dedicated to supporting sustainable and nontoxic parenting.

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