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Throne Composting toilet DIY
Make Your Own Composting Toilet For a fraction of the cost of most composting toilets on the market, you can build a your own that is easy to use, easy to clean, keeps smells away, and fits with your bathroom decor. There’s a cheaper and more convenient composting toilet option! Throne Composting toilet...

The transformation of organic "waste" into enhanced soil. Composting is fundamental to sustainable farming and sustainable waste management. It is the natural process of bacteria, fungi, animals, and plants breaking down organic matter into the complex mixture known generally as dirt. The human's main...

Build Your Own DIY Composting Toilet Cheaply and Easily
Step by step illustrated instructions from Green Citizen on how to build a composting toilet.

Essential Composting Toilets
A guide to Options, Design, Installation, and Use. Essential Composting Toilets is a streamlined, illustrated manual that takes a practical approach to system selection criteria, design, installation, and operation, while meeting universal health and safety objectives.

EarthEasy Guide to Composting
An easy-to-follow practical guide for learning how to compost, including free-standing piles and container type methods

The ancient art of safely transforming human waste into fertile garden soil with the help of aerobic bacteria. The correct mix of carbon material (sawdust, straw, dry grass or leaves, etc.) moisture, and human manure leads to an aerobic, high temperature composting process that eliminates harmful pathogens...

ShareWaste connects people who wish to recycle their kitchen scraps but don't do their own composting with their neighbours who are already composting, worm-farming or keep chickens.

Vermiculture (worm composting)
A basic how-to and why-to use vermiculture to enhance compost and soil health; techniques, methods and benefits From the libraries of Mother Earth News.

The Humanure Handbook
Compost toilets can provide a sanitation solution when water or electricity are not available, or when you simply want to make more compost or less environmental pollution. Now in its 4th edition, not only does the book address what to do with human manure, but it is also a priceless manual for anyone...

Regenerative Design: Water, Food, Energy, Lifestyle Consulting for Rain Water and Compost Toilet Systems, online classes, Book-- “Essential Composting Toilets“, Workshops, presentations, and speaking engagements and the Eco-Sense permaculture Nursery.

DIY Supper Clean Compost Toilet
DIY “Super Clean Composting Toilet” from Midwest Permaculture. A detailed photo essay for a 5-gallon and 26-gallon tote system in use at Bending Oak Farm guest accommodations

Tekpak Solutions
Tekpack Solutions has developed certified "omnidegradable" packaging that biodegrades in composting facilities. "The additive is a particular blend of Organic compounds, which in the presence of microbes, create an enzyme that breaks down the long-chain molecules of the plastic. This allows the microbes...

Northstar Organics
We’re committed to farming organically and sustainably for a healthier, happier community. Composting, cover cropping, and crop rotation techniques are used to sustain the soil. Pest control is achieved through preventative measures such as screening and covering crops against pests and introducing...

Worm Farm
Geoff Lawton demonstrates setting up an outdoor worm farm using an old sink, setup harvesting and feed stocks

The Orchard Community Learning Center
Creating a flourishing local food system by gathering all of the growers, local farmers, and nature lovers to empower real, local food. Providing programs to make it easier to grow good produce and help the community access it. These programs include a student run vegan café, a food-to-food composting...

Aquarian Systems
The principle of Aquarian Systems, Ed Hoeppner, has over 25 years of experience designing and building houses and over twenty years of experience in researching and developing innovative water management systems. He has worked closely with community organizations, homeowners, regulators, architects,...

Terra Flora Soilworks
Terra Flora Soilworks provides a variety of products to build living soil; including compost worms and castings, vermicompost systems, bokashi compost setup, and supplies. Additional products include mulch mixes, mineral-based soil amendments, and consulting.

How to Make Your Own Worm Farm
How to article to make a worm farm DIY farm. A stacking wormery, inexpensive compared to branded models and no fancy tools required. Materials list, instructions and pictures.

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