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Dragon Tech- Rocket Mass Heating Store
Building and using Rocket Mass Heaters since 2013. Finding products for any RMH build can be challenging. Hand made batchbox doors, secondary air tubes, Dealer for Schott high-temperature glass and Rolled Alloy RA330 high heat metals, and anything rocket stove related. Fireclay, bypasses, RA air tubes,...

Non-polluting, ecologically responsible and efficient sources of heat Heat is used in numerous ways in low-tech as well as high-tech societies. Producing heat often causes air pollution and uses large amounts of energy. One of the most significant use is maintaining indoor temperatures warm-enough for...

The beneficial application of scientific knowledge through mechanical or information systems

An efficient and sustainable method of human transport Many modern bicycle components are high-tech and prone to failure. However, simpler, longer lasting, and more easily repaired versions are available.

Regenerative Resources Co
Regenerative Seawater Agriculture is an on-shore aquaculture system, that integrates high-tech seafood production with seawater agroecology, mangrove agroforestries, and groves of seagrasses. The key economic system deployed at RRC is a proprietary zero-waste, circular, and regenerative seafood system...

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