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seasonal produce

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The South Island Farm Hub
The South Island Farm Hub is a farmer-driven produce distributor, serving southern Vancouver Island. The goal is to make fresh, local food, accessible to everyone in the community. The online platform allows local farmers to offer seasonal produce direct to charities, consumers, retailers, and wholesalers. Since...

Cortes Natural Food Co-op
Cortes Natural Food Co-op is a community-owned cooperative business dedicated to bringing locally grown, organic, sustainably produced, healthy food to the Cortes Island community. The co-op includes a bakery, cafe, and grocery store, providing fresh natural food, baked goods, seasonal organic produce...

Inspiration Farm
A Homestead style farm with holistic regenerative integrated systems that create a thriving abundant environment, supporting inhabitants of the land, ecosystem, and community. A model of holistic regenerative integrated systems. Supporting inhabitants of the land and community. Offering farm tours,...

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