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Pomme Natural Market
Pomme Natural Market is 100% BC owned and operated. Pomme features groceries selected with the highest ethical and nutritional standards, fully organic or local and spray-free produce, a wide range of top quality natural supplements and skincare, and a delicious deli that caters to all kinds of sensitivities...

Cortes Natural Food Co-op
Cortes Natural Food Co-op is a community-owned cooperative business dedicated to bringing locally grown, organic, sustainably produced, healthy food to the Cortes Island community. The co-op includes a bakery, cafe, and grocery store, providing fresh natural food, baked goods, seasonal organic produce...

Natural Beekeeping Trust
The Natural Beekeeping Trust was formed in 2009 in response to the need for an alternative approach to the care of bees. The key aims of the trust are: -to disseminate information about bee-centred, natural beekeeping and, -to develop new understandings and ways of relating to the bee that work with...

Healthyway Natural Foods
A natural food store and cafe in Campbell River, B.C.

Oceana Natural Foods Co-op
Oceana is a health food store specializing in natural foods, organic produce, gluten free items, and GMO free foods.

Beaver Meadows Farm/Natural Pastures
Certified Organically raised beef. Enjoy tasty, healthy rewards from our natural regenerative farming practices, where Natural Pastures Beef cattle are raised on our thick pasture swards in the rich Comox Valley. Free of chemical pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, growth hormones and anything genetically...

Roots Natural Foods
Maple ridge natural food store specializing in certified organic whole foods and healthy alternatives to conventional supermarket items including wide variety of wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, raw food, low sodium and sugar-free products.

Natural Dharma Fellowship
Founder and Spiritual Director and Buddhist Climate Activist, Lama Willa Miller. Natural Dharma Fellowship is a Buddhist community that supports the transmission and cultivation of contemplative and ethical practices for a better world. We believe that the inner development of compassion and wisdom facilitates...

The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals
The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals is a nonfiction book written by American author Michael Pollan published in 2006. Technology has made foods that were previously seasonal or regional available year round and in all regions. The relationship between food and society, once moderated...

natural capital Plant Database
Permaculture Plant Database for Ecological Design In 2001 Paula Westmoreland started designing and developing the Natural Capital plant database with the intent of creating a "living knowledge tool" to assist people in creating polycultures, guild designs, and testing the results. The initial focus...

Seminole Natural Foods
Longwood, US organic food store.

Good Tern Natural Foods Co-op
Rockland, US organic food store.

Amazing Grains Natural Food Market
Grand Forks, US organic food store.

Chadron Natural Food Co-op
Chadron, US organic food store.

Grain Train Natural Food Market
Petoskey, US organic food store.

Crozet Natural Foods
Crozet, US organic food store.

Nature's Best Natural Food Co-op
Milbank, US organic food store.

Sno-Isle Natural Foods Co-op
Everett, US organic food store.

Life Grocery Natural Food Co-op & Café
Marietta, US organic food store.

Three Rivers Food Co-op's Natural Grocery
Fort Wayne, US organic food store.

Natural Alternatives Food Co-op
Luck, US organic food store.

Outpost Natural Foods Co-op: Wauwatosa
Milwaukee, US organic food store.

Open Harvest Natural Foods Co-op
Lincoln, US organic food store.

Topeka Natural Food Coop
Topeka, US organic food store.

Wooster Natural Foods
Wooster, US organic food store.

Corners of the Mouth Natural Foods
Mendocino, US organic food store.

Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op
Roanoke, US organic food store.

Natural Harvest Whole Food Co-op
Virginia, US organic food store.

The Co-op Natural Foods
Sioux Falls, US organic food store.

First Alternative Natural Food Co-op
Corvallis, US organic food store.

Natural Bounty Buying Club
Galway, US organic food store.

Linden Hills Natural Home
Minneapolis, US organic food store.

Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op
Sacramento, US organic food store.

Quincy Natural Foods Co-op
Quincy, US organic food store.

14 Carrots Natural Foods Co-op
New London, US organic food store.

Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op & Café
Middlebury, US organic food store.

Natural Foods Co-op/Market
Litchfield, US organic food store.

Natural Roads Food Co-op
Wheeling, US organic food store.

Newark Natural Foods Cooperative
Newark, US organic food store.

Outpost Natural Foods Co-op
Milwaukee, US organic food store.

Growing Tree Natural Foods
Spencer, US organic food store.

Earthship Biotecture
Earthship is a type of house built with natural and recycled materials with energy conservation in mind. It is designed to produce water, electricity and food for its own use. Earthship basic design principles take advantage of the existing natural phenomena of the earth, building with natural and re-purposed...

EcoNest provides resources and training for building natural homes using timber frame and clay-straw. EcoNests are designed to be long lasting sustainable and ecological homes incorporating timber-frame, straw-clay walls, earth plasters, and natural non-toxic finishes.

The International Journal of the Commons
As an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed open-access journal, the IJC is dedicated to furthering the understanding of institutions for use and management of resources that are (or could be) enjoyed collectively. These resources may be part of the natural world (e.g. forests, climate systems, or the oceans)...

Tilth Alliance
The Tilth Alliance programs teach adults and children how to grow food, compost, garden organically, raise urban livestock, and conserve natural resources.

The Green Beaver
Toothpaste, soap, and other personal care products made in Canada from all-natural ingredients.

Natural Living Organic Food Co-op
A certified non-GMO store, with organic food bulk buying club for members and a grocery store open to the public.

SLO Natural Foods Coop
San Luis Obispo, US organic food store.

Mississippi Market Natural Foods Co-op
Saint Paul, US organic food store.

BriarPatch Co-op Natural Foods Community Market
Grass Valley, US organic food store.

Spiral Natural Foods Co-op & Grocery
Hastings, US organic food store.

Breadroot Natural Foods Co-op
Rapid City, US organic food store.

Northwind Natural Foods Co-op
Ironwood, US organic food store.

Placerville Natural Food Co-op
Placerville, US organic food store.

Natural Abundance Food Co-op
Aberdeen, US organic food store.

Natural Foods Market & Buyers Co-op
Pueblo, US organic food store.

Kent Natural Foods Co-op
Kent, US organic food store.

Valley Natural Foods Co-op
Burnsville, US organic food store.

Wild Sage Natural Foods Cooperative
Gallup, US organic food store.

Kokua Market Natural Foods Co-op
Honolulu, US organic food store.

Natural Food Co-op
Dover, US organic food store.

First Alternative Natural Foods Co-op
Corvallis, US organic food store.

Ukiah Natural Foods
Ukiah, US organic food store.

Eats Natural Foods Co-op
Blacksburg, US organic food store.

Trillium Natural Foods Community Co-op
Mount Horeb, US organic food store.

Neighborhood Natural Foods Coop
Ashland, US organic food store.

Durango Natural Foods
Durango, US organic food store.

Chico Natural Foods
Chico, US organic food store.

Ozark Natural Foods Co-op
Fayetteville, US organic food store.

Fresh Life Natural Food Coop
Chattanooga, US organic food store.

Tonasket Natural Foods Co-op
Tonasket, US organic food store.

Lakewinds Natural Foods
Minnetonka, US organic food store.

Materials & Manufacturing
Responsible resource stewardship, manufacturing, and recycling The art of transforming raw materials that are available into tools and materials that are needed.

EMF Protection: Natural Solutions - ElectricSense
"Living a naturally healthy life in our electromagnetic word"

Hügelkultur Bed – A Natural Way to Garden
Learn how you can make old rotting wood useful to build your garden soil in a Hügelkultur bed. YouTube video demonstration included!

Kloverdalen Farm
A mixed vegetable certified organic farm operationing in the Comox Valley, BC. Natural and minimally invasive farming practices, respect for the natural systems and supporting the soil. Crops include organic seedlings, a long list of spring, summer and fall vegetables, herbs and flowers. Bulk crops...

Little Fields Farm
Little Fields Farm is a diverse small-scale ecological farm growing vegetables, cut flowers, pasture-raised chicken, turkey, pork, and eggs using regenerative farming practices. The aim is to produce good food in a way that works with the natural environment and the natural instincts of the animals...

Environment Celebration Institute
ECI offers online classes on biological, regenerative, sustainable and organic agriculture – information that can be used in soil, hydroponic, or soilless growing systems.

Greenways Land Trust
**Enhancing Natural Areas for People and Wildlife** Greenways Land Trust is a registered charity and conservation organization that works to enhance the community through the creation and management of greenways networks, based on principles of stream and land stewardship. They act as an umbrella...

Riverside Food Co-op
Natural food co-op serving Larne, Northern Ireland.

IndiNature makes bio-based construction products, namely a zero waste natural fiber insulation that captures carbon, and is made from local hemp crops.

Cortes Creations
Cortes Creations are handmade with love on beautiful Cortes Island, British Columbia. Leslie and her family cultivate a large, beautiful organic garden from which she harvests medicinal plants that are transformed into healing salves and natural skincare products. All Cortes Creations are free of parabens,...

Indigenous Agro-Ecosystems, Knowledge Restoration and Conservation Program
Indigenous Agro-Ecosystems Restoration is a not-for-profit network of Permaculture trainers and practitioners dedicated to introducing self-sufficient, regenerative agricultural practices and conserving and restoring Indigenous agroecosystems throughout East and Central Africa. They apply natural permaculture...

Skagit Food Co-op
The Skagit Food Co-op provides natural, organic, and locally-sourced food to Mt. Vernon, Burlington, La Conner, and the Skagit Valley.

Coop Directory Service
Online directory information source for natural food coops. The directory is maintained by the Data Commons Co-op and is focused on co-ops in the United States but also includes Canada, Australia, Northern Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

Edible Island
Natural food store in Courtenay, B.C.

Ideal Green Market Cooperative
Natural food coop providing local, sustainable and healthy food and products to the residents and visitors to the Brainerd Lakes/Whitefish area.

Fiddleheads Food Co-op
A full service natural grocery, specializing in organic and/or local produce, locally made artisan foods, and now offering delivery service to Block Island and Fisher's Island via ferry.

Bisbee Food Co-op
The Bisbee Food Co-op natural and organic groceries, produce, wines, beers, bulk foods & herbs and more. The BFC supports local farmers, gardeners and organizations.

Tree Sisters Reforestation
We fund the planting of trees to restore ecosystems and livelihoods whilst increasing protection against the extremes of climate change in multiple regions of the tropical forest belt. We do this in ways that recreate and restore natural forest ecosystems using indigenous species, fostering local knowledge...

David Suzuki Foundation
Co-founded by David Suzuki, award-winning geneticist and broadcaster... He is widely recognized as a world leader in sustainable ecology. "Through evidence-based research, policy analysis, education and citizen empowerment, we conserve and protect the natural environment to create a sustainable Canada....

Why and How to Avoid Toxic Clothing by Dr. Mercola
An overview of how the chemicals used to manufacture clothing may be toxic to your health and the environment (even in "natural" fabrics like cotton) and what alternatives to look for.

The City Repair Project
The City Repair Project facilitates artistic and ecologically-oriented placemaking projects focused on the interconnection of human communities and the natural world by rganizating group action that educates and inspires communities and individuals to creatively transform the places where they live.

Paradise Island Foods, Ltd
Since 1978, Paradise Island Foods has strived to make various food products more accessible to Vancouver Island residents. While accessibility remains a priority, our focus has shifted to providing natural and organic dairy options in response to our customer’s evolving needs.

Apple Luscious Organic Orchard
Over 200 apple varieties, specializing in heritage, connoisseur and red-fleshed varieties. Organically grown – using only natural fertilizers such as seaweed, manures, oyster shell and hay mulch. Non-irrigated – use of M111 rootstock combined with a heavy dew every morning avoids the need to irrigate. A...

Earth & Spirit
A heart-centered herbalism and medicinal mushroom business specializing in wildcrafted medicines

Friends of Cortes Island
Friends of Cortes Island Society (FOCI) is a charitable organization that has been active for over 25 years. The organization exists to monitor and preserve the health of local ecosystems, and to provide educational programs that foster a greater understanding of the natural environment. Through all...

Valhalla Farms
Valhalla Farms is an 80 acre Permaculture farm coop focusing on regenerative agriculture founded in 2012. The members of the coop are working to transform what was formerly a GMO corn and soya field (that provided employment to less than a single farmer) into an example of what all-natural regenerative...

Holy S--t: Managing Manure to Save Mankind
In his insightful book, _Holy S--t: Managing Manure to Save Mankind_, contrary farmer Gene Logsdon provides the inside story of manure-our greatest, yet most misunderstood, natural resource. He begins by lamenting a modern society that not only throws away both animal and human manure-worth billions...

Twigroot Botanicals
Made on Cortes organic facial care, healing balms, and much more.

The Farm
Over the last 50 years The Farm has become known for many things — natural childbirth and midwifery, healthy lifestyle, gourmet vegan cuisine, creative arts and performance, permaculture and carbon farming, advanced electronics and alternative energies, ecovillage design and networking, and its partnerships...

The Farm Ecovillage Training Center
The Ecovillage Training Center assists transition towards a sustainable society by instruction in meeting basic needs for food, shelter, energy, fuel, gainful employment, and community process and progress. Featured classes include carbon farming, financial permaculture, natural building, and biodynamic...

Gaia College
Organic horticulture courses for home gardeners, market gardeners, and landscape professionals. Gardening knowledge and landscape design courses to restore human and environmental health. Established in 2003, Gaia College offers a proven curriculum in Organic Land Care. Online courses start in January,...

Neumark Design
Nursery: Specialists in hardy edible and perennial plants, including plants for food forests and permaculture landscaping. The majority of the plants we offer are grown onsite, using natural inputs at Terra Perma. Discounts for not-for-profit organizations, landscapers, and garden centers. Design: On...

Santa Barbara Organics
DESIGN FOR REGENERATION The goal is to provide design and consultation that fits the needs of the clients and their property – whether it be a residential home or a large farm. To create landscapes that produce abundant food as a byproduct of ecosystem restoration. By working with natural patterns...

Gardening Without Irrigation
Gardening Without Irrigation by Steve Soloman can help anyone whose garden depends on a limited or undependable well, anyone who gardens on natural rainfall, for any place faced with the possibility of drought. Originally published by Sasquatch Books a quality west coast publisher specializing in...

Developed by permaculturists led by Paul Wheaton, wofati is a natural building method that can most practically be described as an unvarnished log cabin built into a hillside. Aside from homes, there are wofati-style coolers, freezers, and animal shelters.

D & B Nelson Edible Landscapes
Offering to design, install, and maintain edible Landscapes, sometimes also referred to as "Food Forests", which are beautiful, sustainable, and functional landscapes based on natural systems, use no synthetic chemicals, and provide an abundance of fresh, organic, fruits and vegetables. Animal integrations...

Gaia Garden
Gaia Garden offers botanical products for health and well-being. Products range from a unique and hard-to-find variety of herbs and teas, aromatherapy products, all-natural bath and beauty, custom products, and superfoods. With specialized and knowledgeable staff, and partner practitioners on-site, they...

Forstbauer Farm
Forstbauer Family Natural Food Farm uses Biodynamic farming methods and follows a soil food web approach. Founded in 1977 the Forstbauer farm is a certified organic farm in Chilliwack British Colombia, farmed using Biodynamic principals and certified through the Biodynamic society of BC (demeter) and...

Herbalists without Borders
Health Justice & Humanitarian Aid\r\n​Herbalists Without Borders is an all volunteer membership based 501c3 nonprofit local to global network devoted to providing compassionate holistic care to communities and countries in need impacted by natural disasters, violent conflicts, poverty, trauma and other...

BC Organic Grower magazine
Published quarterly by Organic BC, the magazine features contributions from organic growers, researchers, educators and professionals from around the province. Started in 1999 the magazine is produced by COABC.

Permaculture Design Magazine
(Formerly the Permaculture Activist) "Permaculture Design is an independent quarterly serving the permaculture movement in North America. We publish articles dealing with the spectrum of permaculture thought and action—from gardening to ecovillages, renewable energy, natural building, ethics, and...

Mother Earth News
Among the most popular and longest-running sustainable-lifestyle magazines in the USA, Mother Earth News provides editorial coverage of organic foods, country living, green transportation, renewable energy, natural health, and green building.

Organic Seed Alliance
Grow seed for the common good Leading education, research and advocacy to advance organic seed Seed is part of our common cultural heritage – a living, natural resource that demands careful management to meet food needs now and into the future. Organic Seed Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that...

North Cascades Institute
Founded in 1986, the North Cascades Institute connects people, nature and community through science, art, literature and exploration of the North Cascades natural and cultural history.

Bellingham Community Food Co-op
Voted Bellingham's best grocery store, the Bellingham Community Food Co-op organic, local, & natural groceries and to-go meals made in-house.

Planet Earth
Planet Earth is a 2006 British television series produced by the BBC Natural History Unit. The series has eleven episodes, each of which features a global overview of a different biome or habitat on Earth, narrated by David Attenborough.

Still Eagle
Eco shop specializing in hemp, bamboo, organic cotton, and soy clothing, natural and hemp body products, hemp and recycled paper, as well as sustainable, environmentally friendly home products.

Earth Microbiome Project
The Earth Microbiome Project (EMP) is an initiative to collect natural samples and to analyze the microbial community around the globe.

Food Conspiracy Co-op
Tucson, US organic food store.

Communitecture is a full service architecture firm for commercial and residential projects based out of Portland, Oregon. Focusing on beautiful and sustainable places that bring people together in community and push the ecological design envelope.

Fraser Valley Free Learners
Fraser Valley Free Learners is an extraordinary schooling environment in which children can learn and develop important lifelong skills such as leadership, public speaking, problem solving, critical thinking, time management, meditation and mindfulness, negotiation, conflict resolution and personal...

Clearwater Commons
The Clearwater Commons is an intentional, ecologically-responsible residential community. The physical design of the community represents the underlying values of community and low-impact development. Pedestrian walkways, community gardens, benches, shared tool sheds and play spaces reflect the desire...

Cortes Museum & Archives Society
The Cortes Island Museum & Archives is a place to reflect on the rich social and natural history of Cortes Island. The Cortes Island Museum building began life in 1946 as a family store at the head of Manson’s Landing dock. A nearby mill in the lagoon supplied the lumber. When this area became a...

Chatam Marketplace
Pittsboro, US organic food store.

Keller Texas Produce Co-op
Keller, US organic food store.

Karma Co-op
Karma Co-op is a non-profit food co-operative that stocks a wide range of zero-waste products, local and organic produce, bulk products and household products.

Maple City Market
Goshen, US organic food store.

North Coast Co-op, Eureka
Eureka, US organic food store.

Maryland Food Co-op
College Park, US organic food store.

Hanover Co-op Food Store
Hanover, US organic food store.

Lexington Co-operative Market
Buffalo, US organic food store.

Big Hollow Food Coop
Laramie, US organic food store.

Bloomingfoods Market & Deli
Bloomington, US organic food store.

West Central Illinois Food Cooperative
Galesburg, US organic food store.

Harmony Food Co-op
Bemidji, US organic food store.

Common Ground Food Co-op
Urbana, US organic food store.

Upper Valley Food Co-op
White River Junction, US organic food store.

Akron Cooperative Market
Akron, US organic food store.

Olympia Food Co-op - East
Olympia, US organic food store.

Port Townsend Food Co-op
Established in 1972, the Port Townsend Food Co-op is a full-service organic foods market providing affordable organic foods. The Co-op has more than 6,000 active owner-members and it employs about 100 community.

Wintergreen Food Coop
Albert Lea, US organic food store.

Weaver Street Market
Carrboro, US organic food store.

Puget Consumers' Co-op - Kirkland
Kirkland, US organic food store.

Happy Healthy Human Organic Produce Coop/Buying Club
Indialantic, US organic food store.

White River Co-op
Randolph, US organic food store.

Valley Market
Staunton, US organic food store.

Neighborhood Co-op Grocery
Carbondale, US organic food store.

Better Foods Co-op
Chattanooga, US organic food store.

People's Food Co-op of Kalamazoo
Kalamazoo, US organic food store.

SDA Coop
Sterling, US organic food store.

Huajatollas Food Co-op
Gardner, US organic food store.

Wild Oats Cooperative
Williamstown, US organic food store.

Seward Co-op Grocery & Deli
Minneapolis, US organic food store.

Plainfield Cooperative Buying Club
Plainfield, US organic food store.

Crumb's Bakery
Athens, US organic food store.

Rainbow Health Foods
Richmond, US organic food store.

Adamant Co-op
Adamant, US organic food store.

Sussex County Food Co-op
Newton, US organic food store.

Jura Books Food Co-op
South Wales, US organic food store.

Phoenix Earth Food Co-op
Toledo, US organic food store.

Organic Alaska
Anchorage, US organic food store.

Sevananda Food Co-op
Atlanta, US organic food store.

North County Cooperative Grocery
Minneapolis, US organic food store.

Farmer Dave's
Dracut, US organic food store.

Linden Hills Food Co-op
Minneapolis, US organic food store.

Everybody's Healthfood Market
Long Prairie, US organic food store.

Puget Consumers' Co-op - Fremont
Seattle, US organic food store.

Twin Pines Food Co-op - Thrift Shop- Kayak Club
Port Washington, US organic food store.

Common Market Co-op
Frederick, US organic food store.

In Good Taste
Vineland, US organic food store.

Belfast Co-op
Belfast, US organic food store.

Blue Hill Co-op Community Market & Cafe
Blue Hill, US organic food store.

Concord Cooperative Market
Concord, US organic food store.

Esperance Co-op
Esperance, US organic food store.

Rainbow Gardens Co-op
Ridgway, US organic food store.

Northwoods Whole Foods Co-op
Ely, US organic food store.

Island City Food Co-op
Cumberland, US organic food store.

Other Avenues Community Food Store
San Francisco, US organic food store.

Rail City Market Co-op
Saint Albans, US organic food store.

Haywood Road Market
Asheville, US organic food store.

Know Your Farms (Distributor/Buying Club)
Davidson, US organic food store.

Plattsburgh North Country Co-op
Plattsburgh, US organic food store.

Good Harvest Grocer
North Myrtle Beach, US organic food store.

Oak Center General Store Food Co-op
Lake City, US organic food store.

Whole Earth Grocery
River Falls, US organic food store.

Cook County Whole Foods Co-op
Grand Marais, US organic food store.

Oryana Food Cooperative
Traverse City, US organic food store.

Federation of Ohio River Cooperatives
Columbus, US organic food store.

Abundance Cooperative Market
Rochester, US organic food store.

Little River Co-op
Wimauma, US organic food store.

Fare Share Cooperative
Richmond, US organic food store.

Greener Living Co-op
Wauchula, US organic food store.

Alfalfa House Food Co-op
Austerlitz, US organic food store.

Choice Foods Co-op
Royal Oak, US organic food store.

New Pioneer Co-op
Iowa City, US organic food store.

Kandi Cupboard
Willmar, US organic food store.

Western Praire Food Co-op
Dawson, US organic food store.

Suny Binghamton Co-op
Binghamton, US organic food store.

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