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True Grain Organic Craft Bakery
We use 100 % BC-farmed organic grain for everything we bake. From ancient grains like Einkorn, Emmer, Rye, Khorasan and Spelt, to heritage wheat like Canada’s own Red Fife, we buy directly from organic farmers close to home.

True Grain
True Grain sells organic bread, pasteries and flours made only from locally grown organic grains.

Anita's Organic Grain mill
Anita's mills and distributes organic and sprouted grains in British Columbia Canada.

Grain Train Natural Food Market
Petoskey, US organic food store.

Fieldstone Organics
Fieldstone Organics is British Columbia's only certified organic grain handling facility, serving local communities by providing organic whole grains, legumes & seeds for bulk, wholesale and retail consumers.
Source of organic einkorn berries, flour and flourmills

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