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Schumacher Center for a New Economics

Sustainable economics & exchange organization.

Founded in 1980 the Schumacher Center for a New Economics works to envision the elements of a just and sustainable global economy; undertakes to apply these elements in its home region of the Berkshires in western Massachusetts; and then develops the educational programs to share the results more broadly, thus encouraging replication.

Based on the teachings of economic counterculturist E. F. Schumacher – whose vision of a new economics revolved not around fossils, industry, capital and endless growth, but rather local communities, land, and endemic resources.

Mission Statement
To envision a just and sustainable global economy; apply the concepts locally; then share the results for broad replication.
We believe that:
a fair and sustainable economy is possible and that citizens working for the common interest can build systems to achieve it
- our natural commons are best held by the regional community
- money issues can be democratized
- ownership should be more diversified and that labor should have a part in the ownership structure