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Fireweed Farm and Herb School

BC V8M 1G9, Canada holistic health & wellness farm.

Fireweed Farm is a place where the community can come to learn about herbs, and have access to hard to find medicinal herbs and herbal products.

We offer annual & perennial plant starts, seeds, and herbal products such as fresh plant tinctures and herbal salves; as well as fresh-cut medicinal herbs throughout the growing season.

The farm was established in March 2014 by herbalist Jessy Delleman with the vision of creating a community based herb farm which helps to rekindle a connection between people and plants.

A micro-sized farm created on leased land, Fireweed is an intensively farmed 1/3 of an acre. The farm is an example of how many great things can come from small spaces, and little funds. Fireweed welcomes students from many different educational institutions for plant walks, farm tours, and work experience opportunities. We also welcome volunteers.

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