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Local Fulfilling local needs with local resources.

Local Markets

Farmer’s Markets, craft markets, and other gatherings where local goods are exchanged.
Equitable systems of exchange, valuation, barter and trade.

Local Markets Resources

BCAFM Farmers' Markets Tools & Resources Database

A directory of tools and resources to help farmers’ market thrive. The directory includes a wide variety of reports, links, videos, and other documents for market board members, market managers, and vendors.

BC Farmers’ Market Trail

The BC Farmers’ Market Trail, managed by the BC Association of Farmers' Markets, is a directory of Markets that provide fresh local food in British Columbia.

Manson's Landing Farmer’s Market

A Farmer’s Market on Cortes Island where local farmers, artisans, and bakers sell their produce, crafts, and delectable goodies. This year-round market runs every Friday from 12:00-3:00pm.

UBC Farm Saturday Farmers’ Market

A lively neighbourhood farmers’ market every Saturday from June 1st to November 30th. The only farmers’ market on a working farm in Vancouver, this weekly market hosts local food vendors plus certified organic and farm-fresh produce, fruits, herbs,...

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